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mIRC 5.6

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mIRC 5.6  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed on midiend being triggered when you try to play a midi while one is already playing.
  • Fixed /window -g not working on hidden windows.
  • Fixed popup menu - separator bug.
  • Fixed on servermode/usermode events.
  • Fixed bug with Ctrl-Shift-Home shifting display text when trying to highlight text in editbox.
  • CTCPs sent to a channel are now displayed in the status window, not in the channel window.
  • Fixed wave sounds not playing properly if a wave sound was currently being played.
  • Fixed not being able to Control-K in a combo editbox.
  • Fixed $mask() bug.
  • Long lines in the /stats reply are now wrapped.
  • Fixed /flash not resetting tray icon.
  • $isfile/isdir/exists now return $false if provided with a $null value.
  • $chr(26) EOF is now stripped from lines written to log files.
  • Removed backward-compatible support for the old format of $left, $mid, $nick, $right, $snick, $str, where N was specified first.
  • Extended $nick() identifier to $nick(#,N,aohvr,aohvr), to replace all of the other $opnick/$nopnick/etc. identifiers.

    Both aohvr parameters are optional. The first specifies which nicks you\'d like included, and the second specifies the nicks you\'d like excluded.

    a = all, o = ops, h = helper, v = voiced, r = regular

    Note: the old identifiers are still supported for now.

  • Your away status is now shown in the Status window titlebar.
  • Fixed Channel topic set by message being displayed in channel when show topic in channel was turned off.
  • Fixed URL hotlink bug when over nicknames beginning with non- alphabetic characters which matched another nickname on the channel.
  • Fixed bug in /background command, wasn\'t freeing resources properly.
  • Added $dccport identifier for DCC Server port.
  • Added /echo -q switch which makes /echo not display any text if it is in an alias that was called with the . prefix.
  • Fixed bug when two simultaneous dcc chats by two users resulted in an extra dcc chat window that connected to a non-existent socket.
  • Extended switches for /load and /reload to allow -rsN where N is the script position of the script being loaded. This allows you to order/re-order a script.
  • $event now returns ctcp for a ctcp event.
  • on input now requires the field, and any window name can be specified now.
  • Extended on open event when it is triggered by a new query window opening: on 1:open:?::commands Where the wildcard text will match the message that the user is sending to you, causing a new query window to open. This allows you to halt the window opening based on the message.
  • On startup, mIRC no longer checks to see if another application is using its DDE Service name, this seems to cause problems. This means that if another app is using the mIRC DDE Service name when you run mIRC, the new mIRC will take over the DDE service name.
  • The date logfile names option now uses the full 4-digit year.
  • Fixed /iline bug.
  • When using /window ... /command, the contents of the @window editbox are not reset unless the /command is different from the previous /command.
  • Added on PING event, allows you to hide the ping server message.
  • The line Session Time: is now output to log files at midnight as marker for log files that are open for a long time.
  • Fixed /window -w switchbar buttons display bug.
  • Extended /window -kN switch, where 0 = hide prefix, and 1 = show prefix.
  • Fixed bug in /dde CONNECT topic processing.
  • Fixed bug in $did() which sometimes didn\'t return the text in an editbox.
  • Fixed on close event, ^ was triggering in the wrong order.
  • Desktop windows with the flash option turned on now have their own window icons flashed.
  • Added $crc(filename) identifier, returns 32bit CRC.
  • Added Track Urls switch to System menu in Channel/Query windows, auto-opens websites as they are mentioned in a window.
  • Added /loadbuf -ttopic switch, loads text in the [topic] section in a text file.
  • Added /findtext [-n] command, searches active window for the specified text (same as Control-F).
  • For $readini /writeini /remini, can now specify multi-word topics in quotes.
  • Added $initopic(filename,N/topic) identifier, returns [topic] name/Nth position in an ini/text file.
  • Can now specify multiple id numbers with one /did command, separated by commas, eg. /did -b test 2,12,14,16
  • Added Popup menu to DCC Options toolbar button.
  • Fixed /dde and $dde not freeing memory bug.
  • Added $dde -dN switch, where N is the number of seconds that $dde will wait for a reply.
  • Extended $strip(text,burc) where burc specifies the codes you want stripped from text.
  • Added $isid identifier, returns $true if an alias was called as an identifier, otherwise $false.
  • Added ignore file types option in DCC Options dialog which ignores any DCC Sends which match the specified filenames/types.
  • Right-clicking on a window titlebar now rolls-it-up, and unrolls it alternately.
  • Extended /loadbuf and /filter to work with custom dialog controls.

    /loadbuf -o [dialog id]
    /filter -io [dialog id] [dialog id]

    Where -i indicates that the input is a dialog and -o indicates the ouput is a dialog.

  • Fixed $ignore(address) bug.
  • Added $replacecs() and $removecs() for case-sensitive versions of these identifiers.
  • Added on PLAYEND event, triggers when a /play has finished playing all queued files.
  • Now allows you to specify up to 9999 for the max number of users in the list channels dialog.
  • Can now use $snick(#channel) without the N parameter to return the list of all selected nicks on #channel.
  • The channels list window popup menu now allows you to stop listing channels in mid-list when on DALnet servers.
  • /unset now displays only the number of vars unset.
  • /auser and /guser now allow you to specify information which is stored after the users level:address in the user list.

    /auser [-a] [info]
    /guser [-a] [type] [info]

    You can also use the /iuser command to set/remove info:

    /iuser [info]

    Also added new .info property to $ulist() to access this line.

  • Can now use /dialog command from inside a remote script event.
  • If you run mIRC while not connected, and the connect dialog pops up, if the local ip resolves to mIRC will re-lookup the address once connected to the server.
  • Can now specify -1 for the [numbytes] parameter in /bwrite to write the whole of &binvar to the file.
  • Added new Lock section in Options dialog, allows you to lock mIRC, disable various features, etc.

    If you hold down the Control key when you minimize mIRC, it will ask you for the password when you try to restore the window.

    If you try to Control-minimize with no password set, it asks for a temporary password.

  • Added DLL support, allows you to send and receive info from a DLL designed to work with mIRC.
      /dll [data]
      $dll(name.dll, procname, data)

      These open the named DLL, call the procedure in the DLL, and send it the specified data.

      The procedure in the DLL being called must be of the form:

      int FAR PASCAL *procname(HWND mWnd, HWND aWnd, char far *data, char far *parms, BOOL show, BOOL nopause)

      mWnd is the handle to the main mIRC window.

      aWnd is the handle of the window in which the command is being issued, this might not be the currently active window if the command is being called by a remote script.

      data is the information that you wish to send to the DLL. On return, the DLL can fill this variable with the command it wants mIRC to perform if any.

      parms is filled by the DLL on return with parameters that it wants mIRC to use when performing the command that it returns in the data variable.

      The data and parms variables can each hold 900 chars maximum.

      show is FALSE if the . prefix was specified to make the command quiet, or TRUE otherwise.

      nopause is TRUE if mIRC is in a critical routine and the DLL must not do anything that pauses processing in mIRC, eg. the DLL should not pop up a dialog. Otherwise nopause is FALSE.

      The DLL can return an integer to indicate what it wants mIRC to do:
        0 means that mIRC should /halt processing

        1 means that mIRC should continue processing

        2 means that it has filled the data variable with a command which it wants mIRC to perform, and has filled parms with the parameters to use, if any, when performing the command.

        3 means that the DLL has filled the data variable with the result that $dll() as an identifier should return.

      The 32bit mIRC can only call 32bit DLLs, and the 16bit mIRC can only call 16bit DLLs.
  • Added event on RAWMODE, triggers when mode change is made on one or more users on a channel, you can use $1- to parse the raw mode change yourself.

    on 1:RAWMODE:#mirc:/echo $nick set $chan mode to $1-

    Also added $mode(N).op/deop/ban/unban/voice/devoice/help/dehelp which can be used in mode change events to list the nicks affected by the mode change.

    eg. $mode(0).op returns the number of opped nicks
    $mode(1).op lists first opped nick

    Added $modefirst and $modelast identifiers, return $true or $false depending on whether the event is the first or last to trigger.
  • Custom identifiers now pass parameters separated by commas correctly, ie. $test(a, b c, d) will result in $1 = a, $2 = b c, $3 = d

    Also added /tokenize command, this fills $1 $2... $N identifiers with tokens separated by character C in text, eg. if you used /tokenize 32 $1- in the above $test(a, b c, d) example, this would make $1 = a, $2 = b, $3 = c, $4 = d.

  • Fixed bug in $read returning $null for lines containing only one character.
  • Fixed /sockread -f bug when used with %vars.
  • Trailing menu separators are now removed from menus.
  • Changed /flash method, displays flash message longer, also added /flash -rN switch, repeats flash only N times.
  • Fixed bug relating to query windows desktop/mdi mode.
  • Fixed popup menu separator bug.
  • Extended $right()/$left(), you can now specify a negative value to return all but N characters.
  • Added /echo -l switch, applies the highlight settings in the options dialog to the line that\'s displayed.
  • Improved message highlight feature in options dialog, now allows individual highlight matches each with its own settings.

    For match words you can now specify a word, an identifier or variable, or wildcard text.

  • Fixed $snick() returning $null when N = 0 in some cases.
  • Increased custom dialog controls maximum from 250 to 500.
  • Added $did() .visible and .enabled properties, return $true or $false.
  • Added /dialog -v switch, makes dialog the active window.
  • Fixed error reporting bug for invalid dialog tables.
  • Added $menu identifier, returns menu name, eg.

    menu nicklist,channel {
    $iif($menu == nicklist,...):{}
    $iif($menu == channel,...):{}

  • Extended $deltok(text,N,C), can now specify N1-N2 a range of tokens to delete.
  • Added /query -n switch to open query window minimized.
  • Word completion with Tab Key now works for: 1) nickname in a query window, 2) nicknames in notify list when in status window, and 3) #channel names in your channels folder when in any window.
  • Hotlink now won\'t display hand over an address that contains ! character.
  • Added $auto $ignore $protect identifiers, return $true or $false if /auto /ignore /protect is on or off.
  • Added $abook(nick,N) identifier, with properties, .nick .info .email .website .picture .noteN to return address book info. Allowed formats $abook(nick) $abook(N) $abook(nick,N) where nick can also be a wildcard.
  • Extended /filter command, format is now:

    /filter [-sgdfwxnprcteu] [n-n2] [C S]

    -c = clear output window/file before writing results to it

    -t = sort output based on column C using character S as the columns separator, -e = descending, -u = numeric sort.

    Also, if the input and output are the same window/file, mIRC will process the request correctly.

  • Toggling desktop/mdi window now keeps editbox contents.
  • Added $disk(C) .type .free .label, you can test if a hard-disk exists or is accessible with $disk(C), returns $true/$false.
  • Fixed DCC Send freezing bug.
  • If the switchbar sort tabs switch is on, dcc sends/gets are sorted in the order in which they were started.
  • Added support for !channels for IRCnet. mIRC only enables this on IRC servers with >= 2.10 in server numeric 004.

    Note, important consequence: when mIRC is on IRCnet >= 2.10, it internally recognizes ! as a channel prefix. This may results in script/etc. problems where ! is used to identify a fileserver session.

  • Added support for IRCX %#channels, and for owner .nicks in channel nick listbox, as well as /mode +q. mIRC also does /listx on IRCX servers by default now and reads numerics 811, 812, 816, and 817 for the channels list. mIRC recognizes IRCX servers by seeing a >= 5.5 in the server numeric 004.

    Note, important consequence: when mIRC is on IRCX >= 5.5, it internally recognizes % as a channel prefix. Since % is used as a variable prefix in scripts/aliases/etc. in mIRC, this may result in script/etc. problems.

  • Now shows you\'re not channel operator server message in channel window.
  • Can now use $(vars/identifiers) in remote event match sections to evaluate any combination of vars/identifiers/text, eg.

    on 1:TEXT:$(*hello $me $+ *):?:echo hello back!

  • Added support for local variables by using the /var command:

    var %x = 1, %y, %z = $me

    Local variables can only be used in the alias in which they were created and are destroyed when the alias terminates.

  • You can no longer unset a variable by using /set with no value, you must use /unset.
  • Fixed /nick gpf bug when specifying very long nicknames.
  • Extended /bset command:

    /bset -t [ ...]

    The -t switch indicates that it should treat the values as plain text and copy them directly into the &binvar.

    Also added N2 range parameter to $bvar(&binvar,N[-N2]), and a .text property which returns plain text up to the first zero character.

    Also added /breplace command:

    /breplace [ ...]

  • Fixed $mask() ip address related bug.
  • Added option in General dialog, right-clicking mouse button on a line in a listbox can now auto-select it.
  • Added Merge button in logging dialog, merges log files based on the file date.
  • $notify(nick) now returns Nth position in the notify list.
  • Can now force a permanent scrollbar in a custom dialog listbox by using vsbar property.
  • Fixed /sound not being time-stamped, as well as a few other commands.
  • Fixed /write -d bug, was deleting empty lines.
  • When specifying the -swl switches in /write and $read, the text or number can be specified in the next parameter, doesn\'t need to be appended to the switch. eg. $read -l 5 filename, or /write -w *wildcard* filename text

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