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mIRC 3.4

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mIRC 3.4  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed line splitting in single line editbox.
  • /describe now displays as a normal action if you are on the channel that you are sending to.
  • Can now do 1!:ON TEXT:etc... which means this command should not react to any events caused by me.
  • Added alternative join/part/quit format option.
  • Fixed :! GPF.
  • Fixed $opnick problem.
  • Directories are now sorted in DCC Send dialog.
  • Can now specify directory for mirc.ini file on command line.
  • Notify routine now checks for a blank line!
  • Server name is now shown in status window title bar.
  • Fixed $parms not being passed on with a :> directive.
  • Added /add [-apuce] filename.ini and /save filename.ini which load in alias, popups, and remote user, command, and event sections from the specified ini file. The /save saves all of these five sections to the specified ini file.
  • Added $me as an alias parameter which refers to your nickname.
  • Added option to append text to application title bar.
  • Can use ; or REM to comment out lines in the remote/event sections.
  • Now connects even if unable to get your local host name but was still able to get your ip address (should have done this a long time ago!).
  • Added a /raw command which sends any parameters you supply directly to the server.
    You MUST know the correct RAW format to use this command.
  • Added /omsg and /onotice commands which send a message to all channel operators on the current channel. eg. /omsg Hello there! These are limited to users with Op status.
  • Can now specify max. number of lines in scrollback buffer.
  • Fixed bug in the /auto, /notify, /ignore, and /protect storage routines.
  • Can now minimize a window quickly by pressing the ESCape key (option).
  • Added /timer1 to /timer9 commands in the format: /timerN eg. /timer1 30 /ame is AWAY!
  • Status window can now remember minimized/maximized position.
  • DCC Chat window is now not minimized if it is initiated by you.
  • Added crude /flood control, format: /flood . Prevents mIRC from sending any lines to the server if it has sent too many lines in a specified number of seconds. These lines are NOT stored, they are lost.
  • Fixed problem with $ followed by letters not being displayed. eg. $SHELL ($ followed by a number is always assumed to be a parameter).
  • Added: +2:ON JOIN:etc... the + limits this command to only level 2 users.
  • Added Select File/Directory dialog to Add, Extras, and DCC Options dialogs.
  • Fixed weird DCC-related bug in input routine...?
  • Added ON SERVEROP event eg. 1:ON SERVEROP:#:/msg *1:$me $opnick was opped by $nick where $nick refers to the server that did the opping.
  • Added /closemsg command to close message windows with a certain nickname.
  • Fixed USER not enough parameters problems.
  • Each window now stores it\'s own previous line (using /). Using / brings back last line typed in current window. and /! brings back last line typed in any window.
  • Finger server now uses different method to do a finger which might solve problems some people were having.
  • Can now use either the IP address or the Hostname of an IRC server.
  • DCC Send icon now shows nickname.
  • Added option Reconnect on disconnection.
  • /help now brings up mirc.hlp file irc commands section.
  • Now removes strange characters from users name when logging.
  • Can now use $parm1* just like the $1* parameter.
  • Fixed /uwho is operator bug.
  • Windows can be resized to a smaller size.
  • Fixed DO problem.
  • Quit in a channel now just shows nickname and quit message.
  • /join #this_is_a_test_of_brigs_bug has been fixed.
  • But there\'s still a limit of how long a channel name can be!
  • Fixed buildup of %\'s when recalling previous line.
  • Added -c switch to /play command to allow playing of commands.
  • If resizing window and you\'re at the bottom of the buffer it stays at the bottom after the resizing.
  • Fixed problem with silent disconnections (i think).
  • Quit now uses a default message of (Leaving).
  • Fixed occasional window text not being updated?
  • Added Beeping option to Chat/Channel/Query window system menus which overrides Options Beep on Message setting. Each window remembers it\'s beeping setting.
  • Added ON NOTIFY event. eg. 1:ON NOTIFY:/msg *1:$me $nick is on IRC!
  • Added /log on/off command for logging windows to file.
  • Added $+ parameter which means append the next parameter without inserting a space before it.
  • Fixed /stats problem.
  • Fixed 1:*:! problem.
  • Added /fserve for fileserver.
  • Fileserver improvements:
    1) now sends 30 second timeout warning to idle user.
    2) Directories are now listed horizontally in wide listing.
    3) If user does ls -4 and then does ls the -4 is remembered.
    4) Can do ls -[k|b] for listing in K\'s or bytes.
    5) Greatly improved fserve routines.
    6) Prevents a user having more than one fileserver session open.
    7) Directories/files are now sorted.
  • Greatly improved dynamic memory allocation.
  • Made change to the ON TEXT event. The search text should now be specified in the following manner: eg. 1:ON TEXT:text:#mirc:/msg *1:etc...
    where text is:
    =text - if user said only this word
    text* - if user started line with this word
    *text - if user ended line with this word
    *text* or text - if user said this word anywhere
  • Added 5:ON OP:= which means that any level 5 or higher users will not get a reaction from a lower level ON OP when they are opped. Works with other events and remote definitions as well.
  • Cleaned up/optimized/rewrote many many routines.
  • Fixed GPF when window is closed while popupmenu is up.
  • Fixed Unable to send query to server problem(?)
  • Fixed /auser /ruser being lost if Cancel pressed in remote dialog.
  • Can now select a maximum of 9 files to send in dcc send dialog. Also added a minimize option to minimize all dcc send windows.
  • Fixed bugs in INI reading routines.
  • Added /guser [type] command which does the same thing as /auser but does a /whois on the specified nickname first and then adds their address to the remote user list.
  • Remote DCC Send window closes if other user closes connection.
  • If a DCC Get window is waiting for a resume acknowledgement and times out then the window is closed.
  • Speeded up text update in windows significantly.
  • Added /exit command which forces mIRC to closedown.
  • Now removes directory prefix from a DCC Get file.
  • Major DCC Send improvements.
  • Added /fsend [on|off] an experimental fast dcc send option.
  • Added /ulist which lists users in the remote list with specific access levels.
  • Fixed /oper command.
  • Changed /ban types (1 to 4). Also /ban with no type bans the whole address with no wildcards. Banning an IP address now adds a wildcard to the last ip number.
  • Added/Fixed other things I forgot to write down...
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