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mIRC 3.5

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mIRC 3.5  Cambio de registro

  • Using IP address of a server now works...!
  • A ctcp ACCEPT/RESUME now doesn\'t look at the filename to make a match but only at the port number.
  • Fixed perform option being executed after every MOTD.
  • Notify on initial connect is now done just before Perform option.
  • Fixed bug in displaying wrong Server Name in titlebar after changing server name in setup.
  • Scrollback buffer wasn\'t freeing lines properly.
  • Added $time, $day, and $date as parameter types.
  • Prefixing a remote event with \'*\' means it should only be performed if you have Ops on the event channel.
  • Optimized Text Copy routine - now faster/smoother.
  • Fixed divide by zero GPF in /pop routine.
  • Modified Op status checking routine.
  • Added a font dialog.
  • Width of user listbox in channel is now measured properly to take account of fixed/variable width fonts.
  • Improved mode-change handling routine.
  • ON ACTION now works for actions (same structure as ON TEXT).
  • Using $* improperly would result in a GPF.
  • The Always get IP address on connect wasn\'t working.
  • A /me now cannot be sent without a message.
  • Cleaned up several routines, removed potential GPFs & other problems. (most of which were detected while compiling the 32-bit version)
  • Double-clicking on a servername in Setup dialog is same as selecting Connect.
  • Now available in a 32-bit version (with optional air-conditioning).
  • Added /wavplay command.
  • Two bugs in Getting IP address routines were fixed.
  • Fixed unknown mode oo bug.
  • The ON OP/SERVEROP/DEOP were noticing only the first opped nick.
  • Address as returned by a /whois now has an @ sign.
  • Added $cb parameter, which refers to the first 256 characters of current clipboard contents.
  • The /flood command now inhibits only specific types of replies to the server eg. replies to Remote/events/ctcp (basically, replies triggered by other users).
  • Made random delay auto-op an option in the options dialog.
  • A user in the remote user list can now have multiple access levels: 5,=10,=15,=17:*!*
    1) The first level in the list is treated normally and can be anything.
    2) The remaining levels are treated as = levels (even if you dont put the = infront of them).
  • Finger window popup menu now shows the last 5 fingered addresses for quick selection.
  • Now prevents Channel list window being closed while a listing is being made.
  • The mode change checking routines have been improved.
  • Cleaned up/Improved popup menu positioning routine.
  • Added /rlevel command which removes all users with the specified access level from the remote user list.
  • Fixed problem with extra spaces being appended to sent lines.
  • /omsg and /onotice can now take an optional channel argument. eg. /omsg [#channel]
  • Windows opening in mIRC are now not given focus if mIRC is not the active application.
  • Text in remote dialog is displayed more quickly now.
  • /ignore now also ignores all notices. This means you can\'t do ctcp on any person you ignore since a reply to a ctcp is a notice.
  • Added $server, $ip, and $host as identifiers.
  • Can now define groups of commands/events in the remote:
    #2 start
    1:ON JOIN:...
    1:ON TEXT:...
    #2 end
    You can use /enable #2 or /disable #2 to enable/disable group #2.
    A disabled group is ignored by the remote.
    You cannot have groups within groups.
  • Now shows User mode in status window title.
  • The READ command in the fileserver now does paging (default of 20 lines) and prompts user whether to continue listing or to stop. User can specify optional paging size with: read [-numberoflines]
  • The READ fileserver command now also allows reading of any file.
  • Control-Home/End now moves to top/bottom of window text buffer.
    Control-Page Up/Down moves up/down line-by-line.
  • Can now do /help for most commands mirc knows.
  • Each window now has a 20 line command history buffer, use Cursor Up/Down in single-line editbox, or Control-Up/Down in multi-line editbox.
  • Protect-list bug fixed.
  • /ruser nick! now removes any address beginning with nick! in the user list.
  • Can now handle multiple /ban and /guser commands one after the other.
  • Can now also specify *N1-N2 or $parmN1-N2. For a horrible example, see:
    1:TEST:/notice $1 *1 *2-6 *9:$nick $parms $parm1 $parm1* $parm3-5 $parm4-9
  • Optimized text display routines.
  • Fixed the undernet /uwho X GPF.
  • Fixed % problem with actions.
  • Improved output of /finger
    routine, now expands tabs and inserts empty lines in the correct places.
  • Fixed GPF bug in handling of KILLs.
  • Added a crude ON MODE/SERVERMODE to react to a *channel* mode change.
    1!:ON MODE:#mirc:-spmi+lktn 20 mykey:/notice *1:$nick Illegal mode change!
    When someone changes the channel mode, mIRC enforces the above channel mode instead, and sends the user a notice.
  • Now removes redundant spaces from lines in the Options dialog.
  • Fixed disappearing popups/commands/events problem.
  • Improved /ruser command so that it can work like /ban and /guser.
    /ruser [type] if you do NOT specify a type, then it works as usual and removes the specified nick from the user list. If you DO specify a type, it looks up the users address and removes that address from the user list.
  • Now correctly initiates a DCC CHAT using \'chat\' as opposed to the originators name.
  • Improved Channel List Window Popup menu. Added a dialog which allows you to respecify the list parameters to relist the window without having to do a relist from the server.
  • Fixed Error sending data at end of transfer with fast send turned on.

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