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mIRC 5.02

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mIRC 5.02  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed Alt-Gr key for non-UK/US keyboards.
  • Fixed joining a channel in channel folder.
  • Perform section now performs after MOTD is completely processed, and the Channels Folder now pops up after the perform section is completed.
  • Now handles numeric 437 Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable.
  • Fixed long server version bug (yeesh).
  • Added .ln property to $sline() to return line number of selected item.
  • Fixed /aline/rline bug when a colour is specified.
  • Can now specify colour number without the -c prefix for /aline, /iline, and /rline.
  • Fixed bugs in !nick filename.
  • Fixed $scriptdir in on LOAD/START events.
  • Fixed loadbuf/savebuf gpf with invalid parameters.
  • Now uses a tabbed dialog for aliases/popups/remote so you can switch between them easily.
  • Now adds lines to custom windows using ormal text colour.
  • Can now use nickname in $query(), returns $null if not in query with nickname.
  • Improved Control-Tab routine for tabbed dialogs.
  • Fixed ! remote halt suffix bug.
  • Improved Find Text routine in APR dialog.
  • Fixed an old bug in the {} bracket counting routine.
  • Added a {} button to APR dialog to check if the {} count in the current script is correct.
  • Fixed mIRCLink INI file bug.
  • Changed toolbar appearance, also toolbar button colours now appear correctly under different colour setups.
  • Changed switchbar appearance, also added mini-icons to buttons.
  • Fixed /sline command.
  • Fixed /play not allowing following commands to be processed.
  • Fixed up/down keys in custom window editbox.
  • Improved /loadbuf and /savebuf, can now specify a range of lines.
    eg. /loadbuf 5-25 @moo moo.txt
    /savebuf 1-50 @moo moo.txt
  • Fixed Next/Timestamp conflict in system menu.
  • Fixed finger server problem with unix fingers (?)
  • Can now use %variable for menuITEM or menuTITLE, if the variable is not defined, the menu item or entire submenu is not displayed.
  • Changed popup menu routines in various places to accomodate the next.
  • Added menu prefix for use in scripts. Allows you to add sub-menus to the standard menus:

    menu status {


    You can also add sub-menus to the channel, query, nicklist, and menubar popups. All loaded scripts are scanned for menus to add. For custom windows you can use:

    menu @window {
    [dclick /command]


    You can specify @window as the popup filename when creating the window with the /window command. The dclick specifies the command that should be performed when a user double-clicks in a @window.
    The line-number of the line that was clicked is in $1 for listboxes.
  • Directory displayed to a user in a fileserver now appears as a root directory instead of the full directory path on the HD.
  • Added $version identifier which returns the mIRC version number
  • Added /ctcpreply [message] command.
  • Fixed /unload -rs switch.
  • Added fixed width buttons switchbar option.
  • Fixed bug in Installation Program which was resulting in mIRC reporting an install error for some people.
  • Added -s switch to /aline, /iline, and /rline, to select the line that was just added, or if you want currently selected lines to remain selected you can specify the -a switch instead.
  • Fixed memory bug when processing lines in listboxes.
  • Can now also use Alt+APR to switch quickly between tabs in the editor dialog.
  • Added $mircini and $ddename identifiers.
  • Now checks for and prevents double-separators in popup menus.
  • DCC Send/Get switchbar buttons now turn light grey when the transfer has finished.
  • Optimized DCC Send/Get switchbar buttons progress display routine.
  • Fixed /window [x y [w h]] bug.
  • Fixed text bolding in mark/copy.
  • mIRC now converts old remote .ini files when they are loaded, each section is loaded and automatically converted. Removed convert menu option. Same for /load command.
  • Added on DISCONNECT event, eg.: on 1:DISCONNECT:/echo *gack!*
  • Tooltips should now display correctly under different setups.
  • Fixed small connect retry bug.
  • Fixed window sizing problems when main mirc window is minimized.
  • If show queries in active window is checked, private actions now appear correctly in a channel window.
  • Added .mrc script file extension to the file dialogs extensions list.
  • Added colours toolbar button.
  • Can now get and read long filenames in fileserver.
  • When you press a function key and all windows are minimized, mIRC defaults to using the status window.
  • Fixed gpf bug with on start/load/connect combo and /loading files. The on connect event now triggers *after* normal processing of the End of MOTD raw event.
  • Fixed $readini -n switch.

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