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mIRC 4.72

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mIRC 4.72  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed Windows Colours option.
  • Fixed gpf on joining channel with control codes in topic (?)
  • Fixed/improved channel mode handling.
  • Can specify a channel key in default channel listbox as first word of a topic for a channel.
  • Fixed $+ at end of a line gpfing.
  • Fixed /run and long filenames with spaces.
  • Highlighting text in editbox and then Control-K now places cursor right after first control character.
  • Fixed gpf in Channel dialog when listing invalid ban info.
  • Fixed display of fonts for certain character sets.
  • URL catcher now doesn\'t copy any BURC control characters attached to a URL.
  • Fixed checking for recursive custom identifier calls. (lack of check was leading to gpfs)
  • $null is now handled better when used with $+.
  • Install program now warns if you are about to install to a directory path with spaces in its name and recommends installing to a path without spaces.
  • Fixed /server N command.
  • Added $online identifier which returns number of seconds elapsed on your online timer (ie. the one in the timer dialog).
  • Now allows you to call custom identifers with parameters that have a $null value.
  • Added -k switch to /ignore command, allows you to ignore BURC codes from someone\'s text. This works for private, notice, kick, part, etc. messages.
  • Fixed marking text that is bold/underlined.
  • Fixed bug with a script not halting properly and continuing to process script following it (?)
  • The command parser wasn\'t stripping out leading and following spaces for tokens in a command which may have resulted in odd behaviour when processing scripts.
  • Control-Shift-Tab for switching between channel windows has been removed since it was conflicting with the normal windows default for tabbing backwards through windows.
  • Fixed /ruser nick! command, was removing all entries that being with ick as opposed to ick!.
  • Added Edit button to channels folder dialog.
  • Fixed $maddress being chopped in ON BAN event.
  • Fixed pressing enter in DCC Send dialog to change directories.
  • Fixed finger command (wasn\'t sending @ prefix when fingering an address without a userid).
  • Added $vnick() identifier to list voiced nicks, and $nvnick() identifier to list non-op/non-voice nicks.
  • Added ON UNBAN, works the same as ON BAN.
  • Added ON VOICE/DEVOICE, and $vnick refers to nickname.
  • Fixed bug in installer.
  • Invites to non-channels are now ignored.
  • Fixed text being indented in User and Variable remote sections.
  • Fileserver now let\'s you cd into a directory with an extension.
  • Changed $findfile() identifier, now allows you to specify Nth file eg. $findfile(dir,filespec,N).
  • Fixed DCC percent progress wrapping to zero when sending large files (?)
  • If a DCC Get directory doesn\'t exist, the default get directory is used instead, if that doesn\'t exist, the mIRC directory is used.
  • Fixed /ignore for actions.
  • A query window no longer opens for a sound request, the sound message is displayed in the status window instead.
  • Added skip MOTD warning.
  • Fixed Menu Bar popup menu not working when all windows are closed.
  • Improved Tabs in tabbed dialogs to look more 95ish.
  • Standardized Alias, Popup, and Remote dialogs.
  • Resources for popup menus are now allocated just before a popup menu is displayed and are freed immediately after it is closed thus conserving resources.
  • Added $dlevel identifier for remote default user level.
  • Added $timer(N) identifier.
    $timer(N) timer id
    $timer(N).com command
    $timer(N).time time
    $timer(N).reps repetitions
    $timer(N).delay delay interval
    $timer(N).type online/offline
  • Added option to show DCCs in Switchbar.
  • Now allows - character in Identd UserID.
  • Fixed invalid RAW definition format gpfing.
  • Fixed Beeping when right-clicking in a listbox.
  • Windows minimized to the switchbar don\'t appear as icons first anymore.
  • Wrote my own window list handler, so the Windows list now displays desktop windows as well. Also only the first 50 characters of a windows title are displayed.
  • ON BAN/UNBAN now don\'t allow wildcard matches of ip/non-ip addresses, as well as addresses ending in @*.
  • Setting focus on windows has been improved.
  • Can now use Control-Space to cycle through channel windows.
  • Fixed $mask() when an address with wildcards is specified.

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