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mIRC 4.0

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mIRC 4.0  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed standard editbox popup menu under 95 not being displayed on a right mouse-click.
  • Fixed problem with /ctcp to a user with dcc in nickname.
  • /query command pops an existing window to the front if it\'s hidden.
  • Fixed parameter dialog popping up bug.
  • Fixed Channel Dialog gpf bug if kicked while dialog still open.
  • Dynamic help menu now displays a list of .hlp files in mIRC\'s directory, as well as the readme.txt, versions.txt, and update.txt files, for quick access. Also adds internal aliases that match these filenames, so if you have winsock.hlp in the help menu you can type /winsock . The menu is always updated before it is displayed.
  • [removed]
  • Added play wave options to event beeps section.
  • Now remembers DDE settings across sessions, added to Servers section in options dialog.
  • Added Popup notify window on connect option.
  • Added new configurable menu which allows you to add a menu to the main menu bar. This menu has the functionality of both the main, query, and nickname popup menus, and allows you to define commands that work in different types of windows.
  • Can now test for and prevent SOUND ctcp\'s in the remote.
  • Fixed channel list Hide parameters being erased in certain situations.
  • Modularized Tab dialog routines so now they\'re completely independent of the rest of the code.
  • Improved setup dialog/server selection:
      a) Added group definition to servers. When sorting the servers list this groups servers with the same group name together.
      b) Added connection retry options. One second delay inbetween connect retries.
      c) Can select multiple servers to connect to.
      d) Can do /server groupname which will cycle through all servers of group groupname when trying to connect.

      When using the 16bit mIRC, winsock will freeze sometimes when cancelling a connection. This is because winsock has to timeout... as far as I know, mIRC can do nothing about this since it is built-in to winsock, so even if mIRC cancels a connection, winsock still waits for 10 seconds *anyway* before completing the cancellation. This might result in other problems.
  • Added Popup channel folder on connect option.
  • Now capitalizes the first word in a ctcp message.
  • Notify:
      a) Now has it\'s own window in options dialog.
      b) Number of nicks is unlimited.
      c) Allows little notes for each nickname.
    • Added /commands [on|off], turns remote commands on/off.
      /events [on|off] turns only events on/off, and
      /remote [on|off] now turns both commands and events on/off.
    • Added other beep/close options to dcc options dialog.
    • Fixed $parms bug, was only storing first 256 chars.
    • Added Place ? marked urls at top of list option in url options.
    • Can now do /ignore -auN, which unignores the specified address after N seconds. Can now also do, /ignore -apcnti, where private,c=channel,n=notice, t=ctcp,i=invite.
    • Can now enter auto-op addresses with channels,
      eg. nick!user@address,#mirc,#mircplus
    • All /dde commands are now buffered and sent at intervals specified by the DDE delay option.
    • Added /clearall command which clears buffers of all status, channel, and private windows.
    • Now warns you if you try to quit mIRC when there are DCC Transfers in progress.
    • [removed]
    • /links command results are now displayed in a coloured tree fashion to make it more readable (?)
    • Added pop up setup dialog on startup option.
    • Improved speed of text display slightly.
    • Fixed /rlevel not removing levels in certain situations.
    • Added -s option to /write command, scans file for a line beginning with and writes to it.
    • [removed]
    • Added /groups [-e|d] command which lists all, enabled, and disabled groups in remote definitions.
    • Can now use #$?#=etc. which will ask for a channel name if you try to use the command in a non-channel window, otherwise it uses the channel name of the currently active channel window.
    • Command parsing routine completely rewritten, much more robust and evaluates identifiers etc. more intelligently now. However, because of increased processing/checking etc. this routine is now slower than the older routine.
    • Moved Ident server options to setup dialog.
    • /speak command requests are now also placed in delayed DDE queue.
    • Added variable support:
      /set [-q] /unset [-q] [%var2] ... [%varN]
      /inc [-q] [value]
      /dec [-q] [value]
      Can be edited in Variables section in remote dialog.
    • Iconized Notify and Url windows are now highlighted whenever their contents change.
    • Notify and URL toolbar buttons are now also highlighted if either the window isn\'t open or isn\'t active.
    • Fixed /ctcp nick VER bug.
    • Fixed beeping bug where mIRC wasn\'t beeping properly for some users.
    • /sound now doesn\'t require you to specify a message.
    • Added $level which represents users level in remote.
    • Added /remove which deletes the specified file.
    • Added $cd which represents users current directory in a fileserver session (Used in ON SERV event).
    • Specifying a nickname in the finger dialog now works the same way as /finger .
    • Can now use /nick while not connected to server:
      /nick [alternate]
    • Fixed bug in resolving dns addresses.
    • Fixed /finger not resolving for some users.
    • /auto and /ignore now *add* an address by default, to remove an address you can use the -r switch.
      ie. they do not toggle anymore.
    • Added Firewall option, doesn\'t allow DCC\'s through a firewall yet though.
    • Added IP method option for users with different winsock setups.
    • Fixed DCC Sending a file with the same name as users nickname (would result in an error message).
    • Fixed URL sorting in url window.
    • Now tests to see if dcc send filename is a system device, if so dcc send is ignored.
    • Fixed & characters in editboxes in options dialog being messed up.
    • Fixed disappearing ini and temp files not being removed (?)
    • Fixed ead in fileserver allowing read access to files outside home directory.
    • Fixed occasional otice gpf.
    • Fixed ctcp TIME missing trailing ^A.
    • Fixed Status window saving/reset not working.
    • Can now specify -sgroupname on the command line.
    • Other bits and pieces.

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