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mIRC 3.2

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mIRC 3.2  Cambio de registro

  • GPF on join to undernet fixed.
  • GPF on joining channel with too long a topic fixed.
  • Added title specification to parameter box, eg.: /j /join $?=Enter channel name:
  • Can now use Page Up/Down keys to scroll through buffer.
  • Fixed spaced out /who result.
  • Now cannot prevent the standard ctcp version reply being given.
  • Can now build as many levels of popup menus as required.
  • Added Query/Chat popup menu.
  • Added extra double-click options.
  • Added auto-close send window option.
  • A remote send window now closes if other party crashes/cancels get.
  • Idle time wasnt working in single-line edit box.
  • Sockets weren\'t being closed properly.
  • Fixed problem with directory and slash.
  • added /channel command for channel central (only works in a channel).
  • Added ability to view/change topic in Channel Central.
  • Editboxes thinned down for Win95.
  • Changed dialog borders to reflect standard practise.
  • Added ... to menu items to reflect standard practise.
  • GPF on nick collision fixed??
  • Timer now updates in the timer window when online.
  • Can now do both /ban nickname or /ban #channel nickname
  • Complete rewrite of editbox routine. Can now paste properly.
  • Added You are Op/Not Op to channel central window.
  • Fixed problem in win95 with title disappearing when window is minimized.
  • Fixed remote :*: responding to an action command. (oops :)
  • /server with no parameters connects to the last specified server.
  • Fixed problem with | alias seperator placed after a *1 *2 etc.
  • Fixed problem with DO remote command.
  • Remote can now handle commas etc. stuck to identifiers eg.
    1:WHOAMI:/notice *1:$nick You are $nick, your address is $address.
  • .Added #$ parameter type. Prefixes the parameter with a #.
    cannot be used in a multi-command. eg #$* but can do #?1=Say what?
  • Added $! parameter type. Refers to the last line you entered in the entry parameter window.
  • Added /amsg and /ame which do an All channel message and All channel action.
  • Last used server in the Setup window is moved to top of list.
  • If mirc.ini is not found in windows dir but found in current dir then it is automatically copied to windows dir without asking user.
  • Added Fast Ack in DCC Opts window for non-compliant winsocks.
  • Dialogs are now positioned a little higher in Win95 above menu bar at bottom of screen.
  • Now allows leading spaces in text to channel/query/chat windows.
  • Fixed problem with cursor not showing in editbox??
  • Iconized Win95 windows do not flash anymore but are drawn highlighted with a red rectangle.
  • Addresses must now be standard form eg. *!*
  • Can now do /dcc send ...
  • Added /beep command.
  • Fixed GPF bug with malformed DCC Send requests.
  • Added simple Event handler to remote section.
  • Other bits I can\'t remember...

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