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mIRC 5.11

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mIRC 5.11  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed problem with mIRC not running under non-English versions of windows (main reason for this bugfix release).
  • Fixed version info in version tab in explorer.
  • Removed support for IRCNets numeric 005 B:lines for this version.
  • Now handles /privmsg with : prefixing the message.
  • Fixed mIRC not evaluating certain identifiers if they were capitalized.
  • Fixed $file/$hfile/etc. not using the specified directory.
  • Fixed DCC Server socket not being closed properly on exit.
  • Added $highlight identifier returns text in highlight editbox in options dialog.
  • Fixed -h icon hilight bug for /aline etc. commands.
  • Fixed /cline bug (?)
  • Fixed default listbox text colour not being updated after changing it in colour dialog.
  • When copying a URL to the clipboard from the URL popup menu, the cr/lf characters is not added if you\'re only copying a single URL.
  • Fixed Alt+F4 appearing in minimized windows instead of Ctrl+F4.
  • Fixed /describe =nick bug.
  • Fixed $round().
  • Fixed server connection retry when a connection fails.
  • Fixed /remove bug.
  • Fixed small finger server $ bug.
  • Fixed toggling mdi/desktop status of window when it is minimized.
  • Fixed $server in on disconnect event.
  • Fixed Identd UserId being used instead of Email UserId when registering with IRC server.
  • Fixed /unloading alias/script files bug, files are now saved if they have been changed before unloading.
  • Changed server lookup method in local info dialog back to old method, the named address is resolved using /dns to look up the ip address.
  • Fixed font bug in text display routines for windows/listboxes.
  • Fixed bug when switching between multi/single-line editbox.
  • Fixed shift-Dragdrop settings not being saved.
  • Fixed offline dcc chat window closing even if close window on dcc completion option is not turned on.
  • Fixed text-wrapping when displaying certain numeric events.

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