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Maxthon 3.4.3 Build 600 (Beta) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.4.3 Build 600 (Beta)  Cambio de registro

New Features:

  • Supported login Maxthon Account by Facebook and Twitter accounts


[Main Frame]

  • Maxthon Downloader interface display problem
  • Polish characters input problem in Address Bar
  • Could not delete downloaded files if there were special characters in the download path

[Webkit Core]

  • Could not open chm file attribute links in the browser
  • Some pages could not be saved as html files
  • Russian spell check problem
  • Some data in Magic Fill could not be deleted

[Quick Access]

  • Sync problem of setting background image when Split Screen
  • Language display problem in some page buttons
  • Could not change background images successfully sometimes

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