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# New Features:
* It supported "Snap Whole Page" (save the whole page as image) in Retro Mode.
# Improvements:
* Updated Maxthon Thunder Downloader module.
* Maxthon Thunder Downloader supported Thunder links.
* Decreased the installation package by 15%.
* Updated MxWebkit Core to enhance the stability and compatibility.
* Enhanced the compatibility of Magic Fill by which it would supported more form types.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- The tab could still be closed after locking.
- Failed to drag & drop the item to the place you wanted in Favorites Bar.
- Pressing Boss Key sometimes might restore windows.
- There might be program error prompt when closed Maxthon browser.- Local IP address in Status Bar could not update automatically in time
* User Interface
- Words display problem of Maxthon account login window.
- Display problem of History Manager page.
- Edge display problem of Maxthon Downloader window.
- The icons in Side Bar which had been hidden would reappear after switching the skin.
- Display problem when used Maxthon browsers in some languages.
- Fixed one language error in Source Sniffer.
* Download
- VBS files were changed to txt files when downloaded them.
- It could not go to the related folder when right click "Open Folder" of the item in Download List.
- One problem when deleted download files.
* Magic Fill
- It could not take effect immediately after changed the user name of Magic Fill.
- It could not use General Identities in some websites.
- The prompt for saving password might appear when click "Next Page" in some websites.
- Failed to recognize some special characters.
- There might be conflicts sometimes.
- Failed to save some passwords with Encryption.
* Maxthon Options
- The password could not display when there were special characters in it of "Magic Fill" in "Maxthon Options".

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