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# Additions
* Trident Core
- Added support for socks & https proxy
* Favorites
- Added multi-column Fav Bar
- Added "set Fav Bar display folder"
- Added "set as most favorite"
- Added Sort by Visits
- Used last chosen folder as default when adding favorites
- Added using Middle Click / Shift + Left Click to open favorite items inactivated
* Tabs
- New option: open New Tab to the right of all Tabs, unchecked by default
- New option: open New Tab to the right of current Tab, checked by default
* Mouse Gesture
- New 4 Gestures: Hold Right Button then Left Click, Hold Left Button then Right Click, Hold Right Button then Scroll Up/Down
* Online Notepad
- Added Select Display Font
* Shortcut Keys
- Added Switch Windows

# Improvements
* Main Framework
- Faster on start up
- Faster on open New Tab and Close Tab
- Optimized crash recover experience
- Optimized Tray Icon display
- Moved "Clear Browser History" to root-level of Main Menu
* Magic Fill
- Supported certain types of webpages by using Right Click menu
* History Mgr.
- Optimized page turning experience
* Smart Address Bar
- Removed drop down list Shortcut Keys

# Fixes
* Main Framework
- Fixed problem that Fav Bar cannot be hided
* Webkit Core
- Fixed some crashes caused by cookies/page save as… etc.
- Fixed a display problem of Right Click menu in Fav Mgr. and Quick Access after Page Zoom
- Fixed invalid "Keep me logged in" on Facebook (Thank konieckropka and picimaco for helping confirm the fix)
- Fixed problem that Save picture as cannot overwrite files with the same names
* Options
- Fixed an invalid problem when modify Option
* Favorites
- Fixed an invalid problem when dragging item in Fav Mgr.
- Fixed problem that Fav Bar vanished after Middle Click
* Video Sniffer
- Fixed problem that cannot download Youtube videos

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