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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  Cambio de registro

* Last Session Tab - The Last Session Tab is similar to the "Last Visited Pages" in Maxthon 2.x but actually shows 2 sessions - the last session and the session before last session under "More". The Last Session Tab can be configured to open on Startup in Options, or opened manually by entering "about:last" to address bar.
* Clear Browser Traces Dialog - Individual browsing records can be cleared selectively now.

# Additions -
* Main Framework
+ added “Last Session Tab” in Startup options
+ added dialog for clearing cookies, cache, download and browsing history individually

* Webkit Core
+ added "Property" in webpage context menu
+ support browsing local file directory
+ support zooming by Ctrl+mousewheel

* Downloaded
+ support resume for FTP download

* User Interface
+ added button tooltips

# Improvements -
*Webkit Core
+ support Thunder custom download links
* improved authenication dialogs, can remember entered passwords
* improved resources usage of Quick Access

#Fixes -
- Main Framework
* fixed display problem after switching AERO on/off
* fixed Ctrl+numpad 0 not working problem
* fixed problem that non-English keyboard Alt Gr + ] zoom pages

- Webkit Core
* support using PAC (configured in Internet Options)
* fixed a SilverLight loading problem
* fixed a focus issue
* fixed a streaming video plugin (Xun Lei Kan Kan) problem
* fixed problem downloading video from a specific website (

- Smart Address
* fixed some problems and improved dropdown menu

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