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Maxthon 3.3.6 Build 600 (Beta) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.3.6 Build 600 (Beta)  Cambio de registro

New Features:

  • + Updated Side Bar Layout.
  • + Support HTML5 Application cache, Geolocation and Dom download.
  • + Support "Do Not Track".
  • + Support Web Audio API.
  • + Auomatic update of Maxthon Browser.


[Main Frame]

  • Fixed a Tab UI problem.
  • Display problem of the drop-down list icon in Quick Tools Bar.
  • Fixed a sequence problem of Favorites items.
  • The login window pop-up when used proxy.
  • Download dialog window display problem.
  • Boss Key did not work.
  • Some dialogues could not display in the main screen when used multiple screens.
  • Fixed loading problem of the auxiliary information in Status Bar and icons in Tool Bar.

[Webkit Core]

  • Could not visit https sites over proxy.
  • Improved the processing to JS alert dialogue
  • Improved the support to the HTML5 game "Gravity Maze".
  • Improved the support to HTML 5 Creatures and Castles pages.

[Trident Core]

  • *Customizing color in Night Mode did not work.

[Maxthon Download]

  • File name display error.

[Source Sniffer]

  • Some Youtube videos could not be detected.


  • It could not snap some kinds of dialogues.


  • "Backspace" did not work when edited blocking rules.
  • Invalid in "New Session "window.

[Extension Platform]

  • Some interface problem.
  • Ajax request would be rejected in script injection.
  • PAGE_LOADED triggered twice problem.

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