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# Main Framework
- added Keyboard Shortcuts configuration and Boss Key
- added new Paper skin

# Snap Screen
- added snap screen (screen capture)

# Improvements
- Favorites
* Favorites Bar and Favorites Menu items are draggable now
* added Recyle Bin in Favorites Manager

# Fixes
- Main Framework
* fixed a tab switching problem when closing tabs on right
* fixed problem that tab goes back when clicking back/forward dropdown list
* fixed some display problems of Tab Bar

# Favorites Manager
- fixed a problem creating new folder in Favorites Manager

# Developer Tools
- fixed a display prolem in Developer Tools

# Multi-Search
- fixed problem that horizonal UI can not be remembered

# WebKit Core
- fixed a crash problem caused by Proxy

# Magic Fill
- fixed a display problem caused by saved ID info
- fixed problem that some pop up login box can not be filled
- added support for Ajax login box
- fixed some form fillings problems in certain sites (eg. Google Services)

# Adhunter
- fixed a freezing problem caused by excessive ADhunter logs

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