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Maxthon 1.1.115

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Maxthon 1.1.115  Cambio de registro

  • Fixed the script error window show up sometimes .
  • Closing speed is made faster.
  • Fixed some problem that may cause the config file being cleared problem.
  • Fixed the search bar text got gray problem.
  • Added an option to Maxthon Options->Advanced to disable custom browser context menu items.
  • Fixed \'Could not un-press hilight button when there was no text in search bar box\'
  • Fixed Ctrl+G did not close the collector problem.
  • The startup speed is faster.
  • Drag search box on search bar to adjust its width.
  • Fixed: The \'open\' option was missing when open some office files.
  • Change config.xml to config.ini.
  • Support News Ticker toolbar
  • Detailed script error dialog. (Double the script error icon on status bar to view).
  • Fix proxy does not load bug.
  • Added: New DHTML function max_installSkin.
  • renamed zlib.dll to avoid conflict.
  • Sidebar plugin callback function.

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