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# Improvements:
* Main Framework
- Optimized interface library’s drawing ability to dynamic images.

# Fixes:
* Main Framework
- After logined the browser manually, the Status Bar information displayed even when disabled it.
- The focus might miss when closed the search bar inside the page by mouse.
* Webkit
- Fixed the possible crash problem caused by using AdHunter.
- When the title attribute value of url was longer with mouse over it, ToolTips might blink and CPU usage would go up.
- Fixed the problem that CUP usage too high caused by continually loading resources might make the browser unresponsive.
- Sometimes there would be "Failed to connect to the website" when went back.
- Failed to call the third-party download sometimes.
- It might go back to a invalid blank page when input illegal IP address for direct visiting.
- Releasing on a link when pressed the mouse wheel to drag the window, it might make an error on opening a new one.
- Favorites sidebar would turn to blank white after Webkit crashed.
- Going back to the previous page by "Backspace" invalid sometimes.
* Favorites
- In "Add to Favorites" window,drop-down button for choosing the folder was invalid.
* Smart Address Bar
- The scribed rules might cover user rules sometimes.
* Split Screen
- Fixed the problem that enabling Split Screen might cause browser crash.

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