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# Additions
* Video Popup
- added video popup in Retro Mode

# Improvements
* Online Notepad
- optimized efficiency

# Fixes
* Main Framework
- fixed problem that Maxthon 3 cannot start up after abnormal shutdown by power off
- fixed several crash problems
- fixed problem that Maxthon3 cannot start up due to Favorites data base
- fixed problem that Find in Page highlighted items not corresponding to options
- fixed problem that Favorites Bar popup menu may block Favorites Bar
- fixed problem that in Retro Mode page stay loading
- fixed a display problem in Lotus Rhythm skin
- "Open a new tab from addressbar" option now also works for paste and go in Address Bar
- fixed problem that when focused in Address Bar, Esc key cannot stop Page loading
- fixed problem cannot drag to rearrange Favorites items
- fixed a display problem in Favorites Bar
- fixed problem that Splitview right panel addresses not recorded in about:last

# Webkit Core
- fixed problem that Blocking Rule not loaded after login to new account
- fixed problem that Cookie cannot be synchronized in IE9
- fixed problem that proxy status in menu not matching proxy status in Maxthon option
- fixed problem that Download window erroneously popups during normal browsing
- fixed a display problem when select Open All in about:last

# Quick Access
- fixed a thumbnail synchronization problem
- fixed a thumbnail continuous reloading problem

# Webpage Translation
- fixed problem translating redirect webpage

# Video Popup
- fixed problem that Float Button cannot be closed on large sized Flash content

# Onlie Notepad
- used fix-sized delete confirmation tip
- fixed some UI display problems
- fixed a paragraph problem when sent content to Notepad

# Installer
- fixed a default browser setting problem

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