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WinSCP 5.0.6 (Beta)

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WinSCP 5.0.6 (Beta)  Cambio de registro

  • Prototype of .NET assembly built around WinSCP scripting interface. 147
  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.0g.
  • SFTP status packets with missing language tag are accepted. 770
  • Disabling session option Optimize connection buffer size disables unlimited SSH window to overcome bugs in some older version of OpenSSH. 635
  • When Optimize connection buffer size is enabled, also FTP socket internal buffer size is increased. Thanks to tteras. 787
  • Added workaround for Chokes on SSH-2 ignore messages SSH server bug. 577
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.62. It brings following changes:
    • Security fix: WinSCP no longer retains passwords in memory by mistake. password-not-wiped
    • Bug fix: Spurious “Access denied” printed in the authentication window after GSSAPI failure. gssapi-access-denied
    • Bug fix: 0.61-style Pageant did not work with 0.60-style WinSCP. pageant-backwards-compatibility
  • Several changes to enhance and simplify file masks:
    • Convenient dialog for setting file masks. 98
    • Change: File mask that does not end with slash matched only files, not directories anymore.
    • Change: Include directory masks are recursive.
    • Include directories checkbox on Select mask dialog was replaced with Apply to directories checkbox that suspends the above change.
    • Change: Include file mask that does not contain any directory mask matches any directory.
    • Change: Include/Exclude mask in transfer settings replaced with File mask, what is equivalent of Include mask (as supported already previously, it can contain exclude mask after |).
    • Change: Script options exclude and include deprecated in favor of -filemask=<mask> switch of get, put, synchronize and keepuptodate commands.
    • Change: Special characters ;,|<> in file masks can be used as literals by doubling them.
    • File masks can select files also by their modification timestamp. 672
  • Change: Escaping new lines in attribute values in XML log (particularly useful for attribute value of output and erroroutput).
  • Change: Script option transfer deprecated in favor of -transfer switch of get, put, synchronize and keepuptodate commands.
  • Added scripting command stat to retrieve attributes of remote file, along with associated stat XML log element.
  • Added /xmlgroups command-line parameter that causes XML log file generated while scripting, to group elements corresponding to the same script command under group element.
  • Added /nointeractiveinput command-line parameter that makes scripting fail all prompts, except for prompts for commands.
  • It is enough to click (as opposite to previous double-click) Transfer settings box on Transfer, Synchronize and Keep remote directory up to date dialogs to open Transfer settings dialog.
  • Change: Session option Remember last used directory is enabled by defaut.
  • Error when looking up user groups are by default suppressed.
  • Timeout prompt suggests turning off Optimize connection buffer size as workaround for some problems.
  • “Host key not verified” error messages includes host key fingerprint.
  • Host keys (both actual and configured) are recorded in session log.
  • Directories in file panel are never sorted by an extension.
  • Embedded GPL licence text did not contain instructions for how to use GPL on your own programs. 800
  • When checking for updates, version of and .NET assembly is also reported.
  • When downloading file with SFTP protocol, first open source remote file before deleting original contents of target local file. 803
  • Bug fix: Failure when connection is lost while retrieving file attributes with FTP protocol. 771
  • Bug fix: Failure on reconnects. 772
  • Bug fix: State of Synchronize on start of Keep remote directory up to date dialog was not preserved. 774
  • Bug fix: Operation progress was not shown on taskbar button. 777
  • Bug fix: Could not edit files over 64 KiB in an internal editor. 763
  • Bug fix: With FTP, particularly in scripting, files could be uploaded to wrong directory. 780
  • Bug fix: Could not select files by dragging selection marquee. 778
  • Bug fix: “Chokes on SSH-2 ignore messages” SSH bug was always on. 767
  • Bug fix: File list flickered on every focus move on Windows XP with Explorer-style selection disabled. 783
  • Bug fix: Could not search for +/-/* in filename in file panel by typing. 784
  • Bug fix: Failure when cancelling authentication prompt of background transfer. 785
  • Bug fix: Password was not remembered for background transfers and/or PuTTY sessions. 786
  • Bug fix: Progress window was incorrectly placed when reloading remote file opened in an Internal editor.
  • Bug fix: File was uploaded after closing an internal editor even when not changed, but reloaded. 790
  • Bug fix: Mask hint for transfer settings preset rules included file size mask.
  • Bug fix: With FTP protocol touch element was not generated in XML log file.
  • Bug fix: Could not handle less common formats of passive connection data response from FTP server. 793
  • Bug fix: Failure exit code always reported when reading script from standard input. 794
  • Bug fix: Cannot create desktop shortcut for session with special characters in name. 795
  • Bug fix: Progress bar tooltip is not hidden once the progress window disappears. 796
  • Bug fix: Failure on fatal script error.
  • Bug fix: SFTP file handle is written incorrectly when reading properties of remote file being overwritten. 798
  • Bug fix: Undisplayable information were logged/displayed incorrectly
  • Bug fix: Output/input from is converted to/from Ansi encoding.
  • Bug fix: Fallback to registry storage, when implicit INI file storage was not writable, was not working. 801
  • Bug fix: Incorrect Base64 encoding in HTTP Basic authentication with FTP protocol. 804
  • Bug fix: Could not drop files on file panel (unless started and kept in report view). 806

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