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WinSCP 4.2.6

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WinSCP 4.2.6  Cambio de registro

  • ZIP archive with both executables is released instead of just compressed EXE. 523
  • Automatically named session is renamed when hostname and/or username is modified. 532
  • When reading of file to be edited fails, empty internal editor is no longer shown.
  • Forcing width of message box not to exceed screen width.
  • Environment variables in path to private key file are resolved before passing it to PuTTY to open the session. 524
  • WinSCP name is included in balloon notifications. 533
  • Timezone offset can be set up to +/-25 hours. 534
  • Setup does not query OpenCandy for ads when running silent install.
  • Small visual changes for Windows 7.
  • Being tolerant to FTP servers enclosing path in 257 response to single quotes. 541
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2010-01-17, revision 8846). Fixing memory leak.
  • SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 0.9.8l.
  • Bug fix: Bookmarks with equal sign in their name were not preserved when using INI file. 522
  • Bug fix: Synchronize browsing failed, when entering local directory, while current remote path was root. 525
  • Bug fix: Having higher logging level set decreased performance even when logging itself was disabled. 526
  • Bug fix: Error when running ad hoc custom command. 529
  • Bug fix: Tray icon was sometimes not removed when application closed.
  • Bug fix: Navigation tree on Preferences dialog was corrupted sometimes. 539
  • Bug fix: Memory leak while authenticating with private key.
  • Bug fix: System date/time format was not followed on Windows 7. 537
  • Bug fix: On some systems did not find winscp.exe when executed from search path. 542
  • Bug fix: Failure when connection was closed while Console window was opened. 544

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