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WinSCP 5.0.5 (Beta)

3,553 Descargas

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WinSCP 5.0.5 (Beta)  Cambio de registro

  • Connection attempt can be cancelled. 757
  • After cancelling authentication prompt, error message is no longer displayed.
  • Bug fix: Failure while logging off the Windows.
  • Bug fix: Fixed parsing owner/group with modified ID on Properties dialog.
  • Bug fix: Missing animations on Progress window on Windows Vista/7.
  • Bug fix: When switching between session and shared bookmarks, path was not updated on the Open directory dialog.
  • Bug fix: Internal “Operation aborted” errors were not suppressed for background transfers.
  • Bug fix: Path label was not resized with larger shell font size.
  • Bug fix: Pageant authentication was not working on x64. 764
  • Bug fix: Failure on startup when master password is set. 765
  • Bug fix: Upload of non existing file in script using put command did not trigger error.

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