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WinSCP 3.5.5

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WinSCP 3.5.5  Cambio de registro

  • Drag&drop control completely remade:
    • WinSCP setup installs Windows shells extension (file dragext.dll) that allows direct drag&drop downloads. The extension is loaded to memory on computer startup, even when WinSCP is not running! Use with caution.
    • Drawback of the extension is that with it, files can be downloaded using drag&drop only to regular local folder of Windows Explorer. From Preferences windows, user can switch back to older mode that allows downloads to any destination (ZIP archive, FTP, etc.). However when using it, files are downloaded to temporary directory first.
    • When dropping with right mouse button, menu is displayed allowing to choose copy or move operation.
    • When dragging files within remote panel, only “move” operation is allowed and only if dragging to subdirectory or parent directory.
    • When the shell extension is not used and files are moved using drag&drop outside of WinSCP, warning is displayed. The warning can be turned off from Preferences window via option Warn when moving to temporary directory. The option replaces older option Allow move on remote side.
    • When dragging between local and remote panel, “copy” operation is offered by default (Commander interface only).
    • Bug fix: When moving files to remote directory from local panel (Commander interface only) using drag&drop, local panel is refreshed after transfer completes.
  • Moving remote files to different remote directory.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.54. It brings following changes:
    • Fixed validation of SSH-2 RSA key whose length was not a multiple of 8 bits.
    • Several other bug fixes.
  • Program can be registered to handle scp:// and sftp:// addresses. Format of the address may be the same as session command-line parameter of program: (scp|sftp)://[user[:pwd]@]host[:port][/path]. Command-line parameter may also start with protocol name now. Address handling may be registered either from Preferences window or from setup application.
  • On Commander interface, command line panel can be shown. It allows execution of commands both on local and remote computer.
  • New function Copy Path to Clipboard copies current path to clipboard as text. Function is available from context menu of panels (Commander interface only) and from main menu.
  • New submenu File names in File(s) menu contains functions for manipulation with names of selected files: Copy to Clipboard, Copy to Clipboard (Include Paths) and Insert to Command Line (Commander interface only).
  • Minimize button on synchronization progress window.
  • Synchronized browsing is preserved, when restarting application and switching session, as long as the last component of local and remote path is the same.
  • Empty SFTP directory listing packet is considered to indicate end of directory listing. While it seems to be vilation of SFTP protocol, it was implemeted to support some older SFTP servers.
  • Synchronization options can be saved.
  • Preserve timestamp option is forced on for function Keep remote directory up to date.
  • When updating of timestamp after file upload fails, program suggests to turn off Preserve timestamp option (SFTP only).
  • Swapped month name and day number is allowed in directory listing (SCP only).
  • Ctrl+Alt+H hot key toggles showing of hidden files in panels (corresponds to Show hidden files option on Preferences window).
  • When local panel is selected, synchronize dialog offers remote directory synchronization by default and vice versa (Commander interface only).
  • Menu Mark has new Select/unselect item. Its purpose is solely to show new users, who do not know Commander interface, keyboard shortcut to select/unselect files.
  • Directory bookmarks is the default bookmark management option for Commander interface. It used to be “Location profiles”.
  • When server fails to read requested number of bytes with SFTP protocol when reading file, error “Received incomplete data packet before end of file” should not occur any more for most of the cases. However in such circumstances, acceleration of SFTP transfer performance introduced in 3.4 is lost.
  • When renaming temporary .filepart file to destination name fails, program suggests turning off the “resume support”.
  • When program fails to initialize SFTP protocol due to “Received too large SFTP packet”, it offers possible solution.
  • Server time zone offset can be set up to +/- 13 hours with 15 minutes precision.
  • Edited file is uploaded, when its timestamp changes randomly, not only when it changes forwards. This fixes problem that remote file, whose timestamp was forward comparing with local time, was not uploaded after beging edited.
  • Bug fix: Changes to loaded stored session on login dialog were saved when Login button was pressed.
  • Bug fix: Failure when selecting directory on remote panel drop down menu.
  • Bug fix: Path above remote panel is shortened when it does not fit to panel width (Commander interface only).

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