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WinSCP 3.8.2

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WinSCP 3.8.2  Cambio de registro

  • Change to overcome URL handler vulnerability: When protocol (sftp:// or scp://) is provided on command line (possible execution from web browser/Windows Explorer), all command-like parameters that cause any automatic action are ignored, including /defaults, /log, /script and /command.
  • Function Copy path to clipboard has keyboard shortcut Shift-Ctrl-P in Explorer interface.
  • Address bar of Explorer interface has dedicated context menu, with option to Copy path to clipboard.
  • Partial files (.filepart) are no longer considered for synchronization (SFTP-only).
  • Permissions input box has the same context menu as permissions popup box.
  • In scripting mode, the WinSCP can read commands from redirected standard input.
  • UTF-8 encoded script files are supported (byte-order-mask is required).
  • Bug fix: Sorting arrows on synchronization checklist were corrupted on Windows 2000 and older.
  • Bug fix: Permissions popup box was occasionally dismissed, when its context menu was revealed.
  • Bug fix: Menu item Leave as is of permissions box was visible, even if it made no sense in the context.
  • Bug fix: When recursive setting of permissions was turned off on properties dialog, permissions may have possibly retained undefined state, although no longer allowed.
  • Bug fix: Path labels were redrawn each time mouse was moved over them, causing unnecessary flickering.
  • Bug fix: Some dialog labels were not disabled along with associated control.
  • Bug fix: Log window was showing log file name with patterns, instead of actual current log file name.
  • Bug fix: When patterns were used in log file name, the log file was recreated every time configuration has changed.

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