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WinSCP 3.7.0

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WinSCP 3.7.0  Cambio de registro

  • Scripting/automation.
  • Custom commands enhanced:
    • New pattern !& for remote commands to insert space separated list of selected files. Only one command per selection is executed. The pattern cannot be combined with pattern !. Sample command Tar/GZip now uses the pattern as well as new sample command Grep.
    • New option Show results in terminal. Used by new sample command Grep.
    • Custom commands can be executed locally on temporarily downloaded files.
    • Local custom commands can be executed on pairs of remote (temporarily downloaded) and local files (Commander interface only). New sample command File compare uses the option. Replace simple fc command with your favourite diff tool.
  • New command-line parameters /synchronize and /keepuptodate. Both have two optional arguments for local and remote directory. If parameter is preceded by stored session name, it is opened automatically. Otherwise login dialog is shown.
  • For SCP protocol the directory is read with --full-time option to get second-precision timestamp (necessary for synchronization). When the reading of the first directory fails (for whatever reason), the directory is reloded without the option and the option will no longer be used. Next version will include option to control the behaviour manually.
  • “Host hasn’t answered for X seconds” message disappers itself once the response finally arrives.
  • WinSCP can be now compiled using Personal edition of Borland C++Builder 6.
  • New browsing shortcuts:
    • Alt-Left and Alt-Rigth to browse backward and forward.
    • Back/forward buttons on some mouses supported (Microsoft Intellipoint particularly).
    • Support for Back, Forward, Reload, Home and Favorities buttons on multimedia-keyboards.
  • SSH core upgraded to current development snapshot of PuTTY. It brings following changes:
    • Support for CHAP (digest-based) authentication when talking to SOCKS 5 proxies. Configures itself transparently (if the proxy offers CHAP it will use it, otherwise it falls back to ordinary cleartext passwords).
    • Negotiated SSH-2 MAC algorithm(s) are mentioned in the Event Log.
    • OSU_1.5alpha4 added to list of known servers with bug Chokes on SSH-1 ignore messages. Now it is possible to login to the server with the respective bug-option set to default value Auto.
    • Several other bug fixes.
  • Bookmarks and location profiles changes:
    • Buttons to switch between bookmark and location profile modes.
    • Local path box has history drop-down.
    • Reordering bug fixed.
  • Support for dd mmm yyyy format of ls command output (for example Mac OS X 10.3 Panther).
  • With SCP protocol -p option is used with cp command to preserve attributes when duplicating files.
  • Parameter /help shows command-line option overview.
  • For entering the initial remote directory the directory changes cache is not used to guarantee that the initial directory really exists on the server.
  • New popup menu for blank space on file panels with some common directory commands (reload, etc.).
  • Directory tree node automatically expands itself when selected.
  • Direction switch on synchronization dialog separated from other options to emphasise that its state is not stored, when Use same settings next time is checked.
  • Button Cancel on Cleanup application data dialog renamed to Close, so, when invoked during uninstallation, it does not make impression that it cancels the whole process.
  • Fixed bug in SCP protocol “dummy command” keepaliave mode.
  • Bug fix: If the option Preview changes was stored in preferences for Synchronize command, it affected incorrectly the Keep up to date command too.
  • Bug fix: When uploading using drag&drop, confirmation was required even when it was turned of.
  • Bug fix: For SFTP protocol, directory content cannot be read, if the server provides extended file attributes (e.g. IBM zOS).
  • Bug fix: Backslash in username caused bookmarks not to load.
  • Bug fix: Refresh command on disconnected session aborted the application.
  • Bug fix: On Windows XP the keyboard accelerators as well as focus rectangles and similar were not shown sometime. On the other hand, the system-wide option Hide keyboard navigation indicators until I use the Alt key is now ignored.
  • Bug fix: For SCP protocol, after cached directory change to no-longer existing directory, the file panel preserved its previous contents.
  • Bug fix: Initial state for Use the same settings next time check on Synchronize dialog was undefined.
  • Bug fix: When creation of local directory failed, no error message was displayed.
  • Bug fix: When download using drag&drop in Temporary directory mode finished while the computer desktop was locked, the download failed, and it was no longer possible to use drag&drop.

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