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Total Commander 8.01 RC5  Cambio de registro

- New 64-bit install.exe which also works on Linux with Wine, also with faulty CAB unpack dll (64)
- Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [A] inserts complete file name with extension, but without the path (32/64)
- TC8 not starting on Windows NT4 with AMD Sempron - problem with turning off SSE exceptions (use try..except to catch) (32)
- Pack (ZIP,TAR,Plugin) from Search - Feed to listbox to packer plugin -> include the same file only once, e.g. if the user selects c:\test1\ and c:\test1\test2\ with files in the latter (32/64)
- Internal associations: When multiple files of different types are selected, handle default "open" verb like in older versions: Each file will be opened with its own program (first matching filter for that program), and not the first matching all files as for additional verbs (32/64)
- Make it faster to use the following internal content plugin fields: tc.fullname,, tc.extension and tc.path (by not calling FindFirstFile again) (32/64)
- Tab context menu didn't react to right mouse button click on a menu item (32/64)
- Upload to FTP server: MFMT was sending wrong timestamp when using the new (Windows 7) time conversion from/to UTC (32/64)
- Rare crash in compare by content on Backspace or Undo operation (in wstrlcopy function) (32/64)
- Directory history and hotlist buttons were shown in the wrong location when starting TC with no button bar, non-flat interface, and no tabs (32/64)
- Disable target panel while adding files to background transfer manager, so the user cannot set the focus to it, e.g. by changing tabs on the target side (32/64)
- Do not show "Network (WORKGROUP)" in breadcrumb bar (32/64)

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