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Total Commander 8.00 beta 5  Cambio de registro

- Fixed: Lazarus: Removed calls to RemoveStayOnTopFlags and RestoreStayOnTopFlags because otherwise TC cannot always stay on top when an external tool activates it (64)
- Fixed: Button "Background" not working in dialog shown with Alt+F5 pack -> RAR -> OK (32)
- Fixed: Copy progress stops showing copy speed each time when crossing multiple of 2 GB (64)
- Fixed: In place rename box had larger border, which was controlled by the main window font instead of the listbox font (32/64)
- Fixed: Font preview lost in Configuration - Options - Fonts when clicking on Apply (64)
- Fixed: Fonts with non-English names (e.g. Korean characters) were shown correctly, but the wrong font was used in dialog boxes and the preview (64)
- Fixed: Internal content plugin: tc.versionstring returned wrong version string (64)
- Fixed: Remove underline from Alt+F4 Exit (x character) when using Alt+Letters for quick search, otherwise Alt+X closes the window (64)
- Fixed: Crash when deleting to recycle bin on Windows 8 preview (32/untested:64)
- Fixed: Copy progress dialog, overall bytes copied indicator did not support translation for k/M (32/64)
- Fixed: Windows classic theme, flat user interface: Root button was cut off by one pixel on the left (32/64)
- Fixed: Windows classic theme: Vertical line between root and parent button wasn't drawn after turning flat interface off and on (64)
- Fixed: Windows classic theme: Vertical line between directory hotlist and history wasn't drawn on tabs (64)
- Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar dropdown list, abort with ESC -> drag cursor shape was still shown (64)
- Fixed: Lister: Caret (text cursor) position not updated when turning word wrap on or off, or when changing font (64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs started as separate program could not be closed via button "Close", but via button [X] or ESC (64)
- Fixed: Non-English characters not supported in various places, like ftp password, firewall user name+password, packer locations etc. (64)
- Fixed: Content plugins: Only try to load once if a plugin doesn't export all the required functions, set all functions to NULL to avoid crash (32/64)
- Fixed: Main menu in TC, classic theme: Text on buttons must be displaced 1 pixel to the right and down when pressed (64)
- Fixed: Alt+F10 tree, re-scan, Alt+Tab to other program could result in a crash (64)
- Fixed: Search dialog, second page: Minor displacements of controls (32/64)
- Fixed: Default beep when closing various dialogs with ENTER or ESC while auto-complete is OFF: Copy, move, rename, pack, unpack, unpack specific files (64)
- Fixed: Shift+Enter (noclose.exe) not working with files from search - feed to listbox (because no path was passed to CreateProcess) (32/64)
- Fixed: Line distance too high in FTP log window (ftp toolbar)

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