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Total Commander 8.01 RC3  Cambio de registro

- Fixed: Edit comment with Ctrl+Z: Comment was not shown in comment view (Ctrl+Shift+F2) (64)
- Fixed: Command line: Command del *.bak did nothing when in a path without spaces but with '&' in a folder name (32/64)
- Fixed: OK/CRC ERROR prefix was sometimes missing in CRC check dialog (64)
- Fixed: Cursor in right panel, quick view in left, move panel separator -> cursor switched to left panel (32/64)
- Fixed: Change current path: Put rename confirmation button outside of the current path field to avoid drawing errors (32/64)
- Fixed: Remove inplace rename box when the user moves the divider between the two panels, just like when resizing the main window (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Work with FTP servers returning relative instead of absolute path like SwiFTP, e.g. "mnt/sdcard" instead of "/mnt/sdcard" (32/64)
- Fixed: Problems with cursor left/right in inplace rename edit (64)
- Fixed: Ctrl+Q on file in thumbnails view would scroll the file out of view if number of thumbnail columns changed (32/64)
- Fixed: Internal command cm_editpath was causing an access violation with rename confirmation button enabled (32/64)
- Fixed: Text field in FTP delete confirmation dialog wasn't adjusted to fit longer file names (32/64)

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