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Total Commander 8.00 beta 19  Cambio de registro

- Added: Include both new unrar.dll for Windows 2000 or newer, and unrar9x.dll for older Windows versions (32)
- Fixed: Compare by content, rename file: Select only file name if RenameSelOnlyName=1 is set (32/64)
- Fixed: Compare by content, files > 1MB: Open file with "deny write" option to avoid problem with file mapping (32/64)
- Fixed: Prevent floating point exception (without using try..catch) in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
- Fixed: Directory hotlist, add directory to submenu: Handle also malformed menus with more closing markers '--' than opening markers '-menuname' (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not open inplace rename edit box when user clicks on the other side of the same line while already renaming (32/64)
- Fixed: Delete empty lines at the end of a tooltip (32/64)
- Fixed: Small error in word wrap function used in tooltips causing word wraps at unwanted locations (32/64)
- Added: Searching with search list in "Search in" field (e.g. @c:\path\searchfile.txt) now also accepts wildcards and regular expressions (32/64)
- Added: FTPS: Support encrypted data connections even after CCC command (clear command connection) (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Rename file by click on current file not working when files were hidden with the arrow buttons above that position (32/64)
- Fixed: Memory leak when searching with regular expressions (32/64)
- Added: Also show harddisks attached vie firewire/IEEE1394 as external drives (32/64)
- Fixed: Do not follow links when searching, copying etc. if the target cannot be determined due to missing user rights (32/64)
- Fixed: Could not unpack from header-encrypted RAR when using wildcards other than *.* (32/64)
- Fixed: Increased default width of multi-rename tool a bit (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: File disappeared from list when renaming it with DrivesExportUpcase=1 and DrivesShowUpcase not set (or 0) (32/64)
- Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Some strings were missing in English version (64)
- Fixed: Crash in standalone sync when closing rename box with ESC (32/64)
- Fixed: Moving cursor over main menu item while TC was in background -> other menu items would disappear (64)

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