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Total Commander 7.50 beta 7  Cambio de registro

15.07.09 Added: Russian language now included by default (new version, original still available via
14.07.09 Fixed: All background transfer manager windows appeared above each other, not side by side as in TC 7
14.07.09 Fixed: Button bar, parameters %P%S, cursor on [..] with nothing selected -> path was not surrounded by "" if it contained spaces
14.07.09 Fixed: Regular expressions: In Unicode (e.g. file names) \xnn will be converted from current code page to Unicode, while \x{nnnn} will be Unicode directly
14.07.09 Fixed: FTP: Progress and Cancel not working properly when deleting many files over a fast connection or locally
14.07.09 Fixed: Various memory leaks in new functions (found via a leak detection tool)
12.07.09 Fixed: When copying relatively small files in subdirs, clicking on "Cancel" aborted immediately without giving the user a chance to continue
12.07.09 Fixed: Turn off reaction to ANY kind of hotkey while minimized, except for the standard keys (Enter, Alt+Space, Alt+F4)
12.07.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Increased number of characters in wildcards combo box from 259 to 1023
10.07.09 Fixed: Access violation when pressing Delete on minimized but focused Total Commander
10.07.09 Fixed: Delete files on Vista to recycle bin no longer supported UAC (delete as admin) because the new Vista delete function returned no error
09.07.09 Fixed: Installer: Strange characters could appear at end of string "All users" on link creation dialog
09.07.09 Added: Installer: Use GetUserDefaultUILanguage if available to get true language of dialogs etc.
08.07.09 Added: Lister started via /S=L switch: P as last parameter allows to choose Lister plugin, e.g. /S=L:Piclview forces plugin iclview
08.07.09 Fixed: Removed error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window." when starting TC with StartupScreen=0 and tool "TrueTransparency" active
08.07.09 Added: Lister started via /S=L switch: Pass parameters to Lister, e.g. /S=L:AT1C1251 (see help - command line parameters for details)
08.07.09 Added: Button bar: Ctrl+Left now stops to the right of the next separator, not to the left of it
08.07.09 Fixed: Installer: Language selection list now uses the correct code page for each language, taken from install.lng
07.07.09 Added: Romanian language now included by default
07.07.09 Fixed: In main menu, press ENTER on menu item for command cm_FocusButtonBar -> button bar was focused and first button was pressed by mistake
07.07.09 Fixed: Slight overlap of controls in search dialog
07.07.09 Added: New button bar hotkeys: Ctrl+Right/Left jumps to button after next/previous separator, or to the end/beginning. Alt+Enter opens button change dialog
07.07.09 Added: Thumbnails view: Support for Unicode text starting with byte order marker FF FE
07.07.09 Fixed: Rename/Move function: Get file attributes from file listing because GetFileAttributesW seems to report invalid data on some Samba drives
05.07.09 Fixed: New standard copy method (CopyFileEx): handle ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION error which occurs if the source or target is locked in the middle (e.g. open PST files)
05.07.09 Fixed: When executing a verb in a file system plugin, first check whether there is a local name (FsPluginGetLocalName), and if not, download the file and execute it locally with the custom verb
03.07.09 Fixed: Compare by content editor: Compare two large files > 1 MB, edit one, save, compare again, edit -> save failed. Solution: use two backup files, .bak and .bk2. The .bak holds the content of the initial original, while the .bk2 holds the content of the last save (mapped into memory)
03.07.09 Fixed: Standalone Synchronize dirs via /S=S switch didn't work with file system plugins which use logging
03.07.09 Fixed: Lister plugins: Avoid infinite loops with callback ListNotificationReceived, e.g. when WM_NOTIFY is received again while TC calls this function already
02.07.09 Added: Installer: Set default language on first installation to the system's current user language (if included)
30.06.09 Added: Installer: Support translation
30.06.09 Fixed: Could not unpack some AES-encrypted zip files where the local header didn't contain the packed file size
30.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: When comparing with option "Empty dirs", disable the option "Right: Delete all empty directories" in the sync copy dialog because the two options interfere
30.06.09 Fixed: FTP, upload in background fails in the following case: Upload to uppercase directory, option "convert name to lowercase" active, user adds a file to the upload (reason: entire path converted to lowercase!)
30.06.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex search with OEM(DOS) font: Convert to OEM charset before converting hex to chars, otherwise the wrong text is found
30.06.09 Fixed: Unpacking subdirs from a subdir in a RAR archive no longer worked when using external RAR unpacker (note that this function doesn't support Unicode)
30.06.09 Fixed: Load selection from file in branch view didn't work correctly with subdirs only one character long, e.g. e\somefile
30.06.09 Fixed: Button bar: Couldn't edit linked button bar via right click menu if the name was surrounded by double quotes, e.g. "c:\some dir\"
28.06.09 Added: Installer, Windows NT-based systems: Let the user choose where to create start menu and desktop links (for all users, current user, or custom user)

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