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SpeedFan 4.46

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SpeedFan 4.46  Cambio de registro

- greatly improved DELL support
- nVidia I2C support works again with driver 275+
- now ATI Radeon support resets Manual Fan Control to the state it had when SpeedFan was started (no more unexpected video card fan set to 100% on program exit)
- added support for Intel X79 (Patsburg) SMBus
- added support for ServerWorks HT1000 SMBus
- added SAT support for USB enclosures
- added support for USB enclosures using SunPlus, IoData and Logitech chipsets
- added voltage reading tweaks and configurations for several Intel motherboards
- added full support for Fintek F71858AD
- rewritten Areca RAID support and improved support for Areca SAS controllers
- slightly refactored hard disk USB vendor guessing
- added support for AMD Family 12h (LLano) temperature
- added support for AMD Family 14h (Bobcat) temperature
- ATK0110 tries to find the best interface when multiple ones are available in ACPI BIOS (please, report if support is broken for your motherboard model)
- added preliminary support for Fujitsu-Siemens Hades

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