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SpeedFan 4.38

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SpeedFan 4.38  Cambio de registro

added full support for AMCC/3ware SMART readings
added full support for Intel QST
added full support for ADT7470
added full support for ADT7462
added full support for nVidia MCP79 SMBus
added full support for SiS968 SMBus
added full support for Intel i7 internal core temperature reading
improved ITE IT8720F identification
added Fintek F71858 temperature readings
PC87360, PC87362, PC87363, PC87364, PC87366 do hide unavailable readings now
ProbeGL5xxSM now checks some more registers to try to avoid false detections
improved CPU identification routines
improved FB-DIMM support on some Intel chipsets
the exotics tab now shows the fitness of the hard disks connected to ARECA RAID controllers too
ARECA and AMCC/3WARE connected hard disks are now searched before the standard channels, trying to avoid aliased, merged or fake reported SMART data
added identification of Fintek F75125R
removed two debug messages related to UGURU3
added some debug code to try to support VIA CX700/VX700 SMBus
DELL SUPPORT is now checked on ATI SBx00, Intel 631xESB, ICH8, ICH9 and ICH10 too
disabled DELL support on 64 bit systems
added /NODELLSCAN command line parameter
fixed daylight saving time handling in event emails
added full support for Windows 7 32 and 64 bit
fixed a minor bug that caused the main window to be minimized when clicked
CONFIGURATION / SPEEDS SpinBoxes now allow manual edit
added some scan exceptions for Asus M2N-E and for Dell 0G841G
INSTALLER: improved OS identification
INSTALLER: fixed the ADMIN identification issue

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