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SpeedFan 4.30

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added detection and support for internal temperature sensors on multiprocessor AMD K8 (Sempron, Athlon 64 and Opterons) systems
- added full support for ADM1026
- added full support for SMSC SCH311x
- added full support for MAX6640
- added full support for INTEL 631xESB SMBus
- added full support for ADT7473
- added LPC47M534 fan support
- ADT7473 and ADT7476 temperatures now properly handle offset 64 setting
- fixed W83637HF PWM MODE 3 and PWM 3 ENABLE setting
- fully verified DFI LP NF4 support
- added a check to skip SCSI disks that return invalid LOG SENSE pages (usually are EIDE/SATA disks where the driver tries to emulate some SCSI specific calls)
- added preliminary detection of NS PC8374L, NS PC87427 and WINBOND W83627DHG
- added an additional check in LM80 detection to avoid some false positives
- improved ICH7-M support
- added /NOAMDK8SCAN command line switch
- 100% fan speeds on program exit is no longer a default

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