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SpeedFan 4.43

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SpeedFan 4.43  Cambio de registro

- restored full nVidia video card support
- hard disk finding now uses more stringent rules that lead to a much faster program startup
- fixed configuration issues with multiple nVidia video cards on the same system
- greatly improved User Interface responsiveness
- administrator privileges are now required and enforced to run SpeedFan
- added full support for Nuvoton W83627DHG-P, including PWM control
- added full support for Nuvoton NCT6776F, including PWM control
- added full support for Fintek F71808E, including PWM control
- added full support for Fintek F71809, including PWM control
- added full support for ITE IT8728F, including PWM control
- added full support for EMC2113, including PWM control
- added full support for Nuvoton W83L771
- added full PWM control for ITE IT8721F
- added support for several JEDEC JC 42.4 compliant sensors
- fully verified ITE IT8721F fan reading and control
- improved support for ACPI Thermal Zone temperatures reporting
- fixed Nuvoton W83667HG PWM MODE advanced settings
- fixed Nuvoton W83667HG-B PWM MODE advanced settings
- fixed Nuvoton W83677HG-I PWM reading
- fixed Winbond W83791D and Winbond W83792D TEMP2 and TEMP3 readings
- fixed Nuvoton W83627DHG, W83627EHF and W83667HG PWM TYPE settings
- fixed ITE IT8728F H/M identification
- fixed ITE IT8728F advanced properties support
- fixed ITE IT8720F PWM control
- fixed PWM readings for fans 4 and 5 on some ITE IT8712F
- added support for 3 additional temperature readings for Nuvoton W83677HG-I
- added support for Vtt voltage reading on ADT7490
- added Fintek F71858 support for fans, PWMs and advanced options
- improved detection of AD7417 to avoid false identifications
- Intel Core temperature are now properly read for 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family (Sandy Bridge)
- TIntelCoreSensor avoids reading temperatures from threads resulting from Hyper-Threading
- fixed temperature reporting on some hard disks that do not expose the usual SMART attribute
- added identification of Fintek F71869F
- added preliminary identification of ITE IT8772F
- added preliminary detection of Asus A8000B
- fixed a bug that prevented access to the SMBus on some ATI southbridges
- voltage scans are no longer automatically enabled for several ITE chips
- added preliminary identification for Fintek F71859
- added identification of Fintek F71809 and Fintek F71859
- added full support for Intel 6 Series SMBus
- added Intel NM10 SMBus enabler
- added full support for Intel ICH10 82801JD/DO SMBus
- /NONVIDIAI2C command line parameter is properly honoured again
- fixed a nasty bug in Intel SMBus support routines that could lead to releasing SMBus ownership at the wrong time
- improved Intel SMBus routines
- added exact voltage readings for Intel DH61BE, DH61CR, DH61DL, DH61WW, DH67BL, DH67CL, DH67GD, DH67CF, DP67BA, DP67DE, DP67BG, DB65AL, DQ67EP, DQ67OW, DQ67SW, DX58OG
- improved voltage readings for Asus P8P67 DeLuxe, P8P67 and P8P67-M
- pre-built configuration support has been added
- pressing on the left of the tabs on the main form no longer closes the program

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