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SpeedFan 4.45

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SpeedFan 4.45  Cambio de registro

- added full support for ATI RADEON video cards (including CrossFire configurations and fan control)
- completely rewritten DELL support
- DELL support is now enabled on a wider range of models
- added full support for ITE IT8772F
- added support for Fintek F71889A
- added full support for SMSC EMC2103-1 and SMSC EMC2103-2
- added support for Fintek F71869AD
- added support for Fintek F71862 at unusual addresses
- preliminary support for SMSC SCH5317
- fixed Nuvoton W83627DHG-P PWM MODE advanced settings
- fixed ASUS ATK0110 readings on several motherboards
- fixed ATK0110 support on some Asus motherboards
- enabled SMBus on Intel ICH9M-E, if needed
- added full AMD Hudson-2 SMBus support
- TACPISonySensor support is now probed on all SONYs
- fixed multiple glitches and bug related to Advanced Fan Control UI
- in Advanced Fan Control dialog, control points can be fine tuned (+1,-1,+10,-10) using the right mouse button
- SMART Fitness synthetic value now is more stringent with some specific issues, reporting 0% in some cases that require immediate attention

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