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Notepad++ 6.2

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# Includes a new User Defined Languge (UDL2) system, the key features of UDL2 are:
* More keyword groups were added (more syntax highlighting can be defined):
- 3 folding groups
- 8 keyword groups
- 2 comment groups
- 1 number definitons
- 2 operators groups
- 8 delimiter sets
# Multipart keywords are supported (for example: "else if" can be defined as a single keyword)
# Whitespace is no longer mandatory as keyword separator: Operators, Delimiters and Folding keywords can be recognized with or without whitespace separators.
# Numbers recognition support is greatly improved (prefix, suffix, range and extra symbols supported).
# Operators and delimiters can be longer than one character.
# The same characters can be used as comments AND operators.
# Comments and delimiters support nesting (even within each other).
# Improvments to Comments include:
* Comment folding
* Comment continuation
* Comment only start at the beginning of line
# In the case of several comment pairs defined, comment open symbols match only with comment close symbols of the same order. (for example: /* C comment */, /+ D comment +/, but not /* mixed comment +/)
# Included plugins:
* Spell Checker v1.3.3
* NppFTP 0.24.1
* NppExport v0.2.8
* Plugin Manager 1.0.8
* Converter 3.0

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