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Notepad++ 5.8

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# new features and fixed bugs
- Upgrade Scintilla to version 2.21.
- Fix a vulnerability issue: Load ScinLexer.dll with its full path to avoid hijack.
- Fix Unicode file corrupted on saving bug (the buffer alignment issue).
- Fix DBCS encodings file saving corruption bug.
- Fix file containing NULL character loading bug.
- Fix php syntax highlighting bug.
- Fix dragging undocked window performance issue while using Vista Aero UI style.
- Fix dragging undocked window performance issue while using Vista/Windows7 Aero UI style.
- Fix large file truncated after loading problem.
- Improve file loading performance.
- Fix Shortcut Mapper inconsistence issue after deleting a macro or an user command.
- Add 2 line wrap methods (default plus aligned and indent).
- Add 2 menu commands : "Modify Shortcut/Delete Macro" and "Modify Shortcut/Delete Command".
- Add "Modify" and "Delete" buttons on Shortcut mapper dialog.
- Add macro new ability to record search and replace actions.
- Fix SaveSession bug.
- Remove characters count feature from the status bar due to its performance issue with UTF8 file.
- Fix crash issue due to themes switching.
- Make folding margin hidable.
- Add NPPM_GETCURRENTNATIVELANGENCODING, NPPM_ALLOCATECMDID and NPPM_ALLOCATEMARKER message (to get the current native language enconding).
- Change editing settings saving behaviour : one set of settings are applied in 2 scintilla controls (except zoom).
- Add Statistics feature which is accessible from the menu command "Summary..." (under menu "View") and the 2nd zone of statusbar (double click).

# Included plugins (Unicode):
- TextFX v0.26
- Spell Checker v1.3.3
- MIME Tools v1.6
- NppExport v0.2.8
- Compare Plugin
- Plugin Manager
- NppFTP 0.23
- Select 'N' Launch 1.0

# Included plugins (ANSI):
- TextFX v0.25
- NppExec v0.4.1
- Spell Checker v1.3.3
- MIME Tools v1.6
- NppExport v0.2.8
- Light Explorer v1.6
- Compare Plugin 1.5.5
- Plugin Manager

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