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Notepad++ 2.3

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Notepad++ 2.3  Cambio de registro

  • Multi-Native Language (For non English speaking user). 6 languages are available : French, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian and German.
  • Correct a bug of updating the document in dual view while reloading the document modified from outside.
  • Correct a bug of showing minimised Notepad++ while the opened document is deleted from outside.
  • Correct a PHP Keywords bug.
  • Correct a bug about the update of document state while switching with Ctrl+TAB or Ctrl+Shift+TAB.
  • Correct a minor bug of losing focus while reaching the end of search by using the F3 key (The focus is not restored while ending the notice dialog box).
  • Add 2 menu entries to show the white space/TAB and EOL separately.
  • Add right vertical edge line.
  • Add Context Menu Entry under explorer (optional in theinstaller)
  • Add "As the default source viewer" ability for the iexplorer(optional in the installer)
  • An auto-completion bug is corrected.

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