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Notepad++ 4.9.2

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Notepad++ 4.9.2  Cambio de registro

  • Add smart highlighting feature (double click a word to highlight all the same word in the document).
  • Enhance visual effect of Mark all feature.
  • Enhance Incremental search dialog docking.
  • Enhance Incremental search : add Highlight all feature.
  • Add auto-hide menu feature (IE7 style menu - Alt or F10 to toggle)
  • Enhance tool bar GUI usability (display a chevron while some tool icons hidden).
  • Add style transparency feature, right click on color to enable.
  • Fix the files not opening by DnD bug.
  • Enhance Find Replace dialog : Add "Extended" option - search (and replace) for tabs(\t), newline(\n\r), and a characters by it's value (\o, \x, \b, \d, \t, \n, \r and \\).
  • Bug fixed : Find dialog always scrolls text into view now.
  • Add places bar in save as dialog
  • Fix non-recognized relative path bug in command line mode (under Dos prompt).
  • Add 2 messages for doc monitor plugin.
  • Fix the transparency bug (in Styler Configurator).
  • Make search in hidden directory (for Find in files) optional.
  • Fix the replace bug while replacing nothing.
  • Fix the F3 searching direction bug.
  • Fix the regression bug that x position doesn't be restored while switching back a document.
  • Add "Save a Copy As" feature.

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