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Feed Demon Beta  Cambio de registro

* Added: Items can now be tagged
o Tags are synchronized with NewsGator
o "Subscriptions Home" includes a tag cloud
o Tags can be dragged from the tree and dropped onto a post in a FeedDemon newspaper
o Tagged items can be excluded by the Cleanup Wizard
o Tagged items can be excluded from purging of older articles (click Options on the "Manage Tags" dialog to enable/disable)
o Tagging is now included in the attention algorithm
o "G" single-key newspaper shortcut displays tag editor for current item
o "Search Subscriptions" enables searching only tagged items
* Added: "Share" icon added to newspaper which adds the item to your shared clippings. Note: If you have multiple shared clippings folders, you can change which one this feature uses by right-clicking on "Clippings" and selecting "Choose default clippings folder."
* Added: "Icons" button added to Options|Reading which enables choosing which icons should appear beneath each item in the newspaper (due to this addition, several of the default icons from previous versions are now hidden by default)
* Added: Support for NGES ratings and group clippings (NewsGator Enterprise Server only)
* Added: FeedDemon now defaults to retrieving only unread items when downloading synched feeds. This is considerably faster and more bandwidth-friendly, but updated items may be skipped. You can change this through FeedDemon's synchronization options.
* Added: Enclosure icon added to feed preview (138822)
* Added: Relevance improvements to "Popular in Everyone's Subscriptions" section of Popular Topics report
* Added: "Use theme colors" added to Appearance tab in Options - when enabled, colors in Surfer newspaper style are inherited from the current Windows theme (this was the default in previous releases under XP/Vista)
* Added: Performance improvements in "Popular Topics"
* Added: "Surfer" newspaper style now remembers whether thumbnails have been collapsed
* Added: "Enable page transitions" has been added to Options|Appearance, which defaults to being enabled unless IE8 is installed (a bug in IE8 Beta 2 causes the transitions to fail)
* Added: FeedDemon attempts to detect when script debugging is enabled in Internet Explorer and asks whether to turn it off (script debugging causes error dialogs to popup while browsing inside any application that embeds IE)
* Added: Fixed header in reports/newspapers (requires IE7 or newer)
* Added: "Browser Home" added to tabbed browser context menu
* Added: Hourglass icon now appears on browser tabs that are still loading

* Changed: Browser toolbar simplified by hiding several toolbuttons (note: if there's a button you want back, just click the "Customize" arrow at the far right of the toolbar)
* Changed: "Favorites" is now on the main menu instead of the toolbar above the browser
* Changed: Auto-discovered feed icon is now part of the address bar
* Changed: "Subscription Home" report now enables toggling between most/least attention (previous release always showed both)
* Changed: Items are now added to synchronized clippings in a background thread
* Changed: Panic Button results now shown in "timed" dialog which automatically disappears after 60 seconds
* Changed: Numerous tweaks to Surfer newspaper style
* Changed: The default clippings folder is selected from the clippings context menu rather than through a checkbox on the clippings properties
* Changed: "My Clippings" can no longer be hidden
* Changed: Sounds for "Desktop alert" and "Add to clippings" are now enabled by default
* Changed: Surfer newspaper now shows friendlier message when no items match the current filter
* Changed: Status bar no longer hidden when toolbars are hidden

* Removed: "UI Style" removed from Appearance tab in Options

* Fixed: FeedDemon blocks enclosure URLs that end in whitespace
* Fixed: Subscription tree indentation incorrect on Windows Vista after hitting "Reset to Defaults" on Options|Appearance
* Fixed: Google AdSense image ads aren't skipped by FeedDemon's prefetch, and they appear even when showing excerpts (137930)
* Fixed: FeedDemon can't subscribe to feeds containing numerous encoding errors (138759)
* Fixed: When IE's popup blocker is disabled, multiple IE windows are spawned when "Open external links in default browser" is enabled and feed contains Brightcove video player
* Fixed: "Subscription Home" report not updated when FeedDemon isn't the active application
* Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't highlight in the taskbar when it displays a dialog and it's not the active application
* Fixed: Progress bar fails to update when backing up cache folder on Windows Vista
* Fixed: Many missing menu mnemonics (say that five times fast)
* Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Home opens feed's home page in new browser tab instead of current one
* Fixed: Clicking "Next Page" does nothing when root watches or clippings node is selected
* Fixed: "Import Feeds" slow to show list of feeds
* Fixed: Surfer colors don't reflect Vista's "colorization color" (requires enabling "Use theme colors")

Known Issues

* Ratings applied in NewsGator Enterprise Server aren't reflected in FeedDemon

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