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Feed Demon RC2  Cambio de registro

- Added: "Send To" functionality is now dynamic, so power users can add their own items to the various "Send To" menus. Check FeedDemon's User\Data\SendTo folder for details.
- Changed: Search box moved back to browser toolbar
- Changed: If you choose to have FeedStation start with Windows, it will now always start minimized
- Changed: The "action icons" in Surfer style have been moved to the bottom of each item.
- Fixed: Clicking a single item in a feed doesn't use that feed's newspaper style if one has been assigned to it
-Fixed: Clicking "open in new tab" in newspaper opens should open in FeedDemon regardless of external browser setting
- Fixed: Search box appears mid-screen if hidden in previous session
-Fixed: After right-clicking an inactive feed or folder, the newspaper doesn't appear when clicking an item in the active feed.
- Fixed: "Search Options" toolbutton shows wrong name in toolbar customization menu
- Fixed: Bogus newspaper title link when a group is selected in the news item list (76450)
- Fixed: FeedStation displays multiple login dialogs when checking "My Podcasts" if login is incorrect (76464)
- Fixed: Maximized FeedDemon not correctly restored
- Fixed: Hitting Enter in the newspaper doesn't mark the selected item as read
- Fixed: Unexpected scrolling when navigating back in newspaper
- Fixed: Embedded browser displays JavaScript error alerts even when "Suppress dialogs and error messages in browser" is enabled (76623)
- Fixed: Clicking far top right of item in Surfer style doesn't select it (76636)
- Fixed: Alt+Tabbing to another application when FeedDemon's browser has the focus doesn't restore the focus to the browser when Alt+Tabbing back to FeedDemon

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