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Feed Demon Beta  Cambio de registro

- Added: "Reports" submenu added to View menu
- Added: "Feed HTTP Error Report" - list of HTTP errors encountered during last update
- Added: Subscription searches can now be limited to unread/flagged items (82780)
- Added: "Delete" icon added to each item in auto-discovery history
- Added: Desktop alert is now pinnable (82901)
- Added: "Dinosaurs" report now shows red titles for feeds with flagged items
- Added: "Appearance" tab in options enables choosing custom colors
- Added: Subscription background color can now be customized (Tools | Options | Appearance) (86844)
- Added: "Mark Page Read" added to bottom of Surfer style when unread items exist
- Added: "Test Connection" added to Tools menu
- Added: If you choose to send an error report, you're now asked for a description of the problem
- Changed: FeedDemon now asks whether to prefetch unread items when you select File | Work Offline
- Changed: Navigating items in the newspaper using 'J' or 'K' now marks the selected item as read
- Changed: Hitting 'e' to open the focused newspaper item in your default browser now marks the item as read
- Changed: Newspaper links that aren't available while offline now show with a dotted red underline (previously used strike-through)
- Changed: Redesigned Options | Confirmations dialog
- Fixed: Floating point errors with embedded videos (87029)
- Fixed: Read state is not propagated down to other beta FeedDemon clients
- Fixed: FeedStation shows "FeedDemon FeedStation" in taskbar (86701)
- Fixed: Dinosaur report shouldn't include disabled feeds (86783)
- Fixed: Delay when collapsing a folder due to newspaper for that folder being displayed
- Fixed: Holding CTRL while clicking an incoming link should open it in a new tab (87108))
- Fixed: When navigating the newspaper using keyboard shortcuts, the top border of the focused item is cut off when using Surfer style
- Fixed: "Index out of range" error when prefetching unread items
- Fixed: Address bar is cleared when subscription home page reloads while a URL is being typed into the address bar
- Fixed: External URLs can't be added to synched news bins

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