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* Added: "Include in desktop alert when new items arrive" added to feed and
folder properties (53720)
* Added: Performance improvements throughout due to changing how FeedDemon
internally stores, sorts and searches feed data
* Added: Double-clicking an item in FeedStation's error log now shows the
entire error message in a separate dialog
* Added: Option added to disable the sound which plays when a download fails
* Changed: Login dialog for secure feeds now automatically cancels after 60
* Changed: Login dialog for secure feeds now indicates whether existing
login is incorrect
* Changed: Desktop alert no longer displays when a fullscreen application
(such as a game) is running (65573)
* Changed: Feed updating is more intelligently throttled based on whether
FeedDemon is the active program
* Changed: "Import from Windows Common Feed List" updated to work with IE7 RC1
* Changed: FeedDemon is now DPI aware under Windows Vista
* Fixed: Progress dialog doesn't use shell font
* Fixed: FeedDemon should use content:encoded when both description and
content:encoded exist in a feed item, but instead it uses whichever comes
last (68646)
* Fixed: Flagging the last item in a newspaper removes it from the
subscription list when viewing unread feeds
* Fixed: Confirming the "subscription changed" dialog browses away from the
current newspaper (68356)
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to preserve entities in Atom content elements whose
type is text
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to decode run-on entities that aren't separated
with semi-colons (ex: &#106&#x61&#118)
* Fixed: Relative links in Atom feeds aren't handled properly when xml:base
if absent (69004, 56199)
* Fixed: Deleting a post from a synched feed doesn't always delete it from
NewsGator Online (70583)
* Fixed: Feeds aren't removed from Unread Feed view when marking posts as
read manually (71763)
* Fixed: FeedDemon needs to prompt for a new cache folder when the existing
one isn't found at startup (66136)
* Fixed: After closing browser tab, auto-discover list may still show feeds
for that tab
* Fixed: If the user has more unread posts than the newspaper view allows,
user ends up seeing the older unread posts, not the more recent ones (71844)
* Fixed: Newspaper styles other than "Surfer" don't enable searching the
current feed or folder (71324)
* Fixed: Clicking an item link that looks like feed URLs displays the
subscription wizard (70379)
* Fixed: When in "unread folder view," moving a feed with unread items to a
folder that doesn't already have unread items fails to add that folder to
the tree
* Fixed: The vulnerabilities described here have been resolved (70803, 71000)

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