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Feed Demon RC1  Cambio de registro

* Changed: Pressing 'J' in the newspaper when the last item is selected now marks it as read
* Fixed: Right-clicking a feed and selecting "Update Feed" does nothing when a news bin or watch is selected
* Fixed: Incorrect formatting of received dates in news item list
* Fixed: No feedback when attempting to add a duplicate item to a news bin
* Fixed: Image URLs which contain spaces fail to display in summary view (89507)
* Fixed: Dinosaur report shows feeds that were just added
* Fixed: Time format in news item list doesn't honor regional settings
* Fixed: URLs in status bar don't disappear
* Fixed: Previous name of renamed feed/folder doesn't appear in subscription changes details
* Fixed: Double-clicking an item in a Market Watch feed opens the subscription wizard (89965)
* Fixed: Items marked read in NewsGator Online aren't synching with FeedDemon
* Fixed: Null characters in corrupt subscriptions file prevents successful restore of subscriptions backup file (89870)
* Fixed: Expando style doesn't have a "mark as read" icon next to each item (90073)
* Fixed: Embedded Silverlight crashes FeedDemon (89653)

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