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uTorrent 1.8 Beta 10770  Cambio de registro

--- 2008-06-09: Version 1.8 beta (build 10770)
- Change: Display application name instead of executable name in Windows Vista message boxes
- Change: Make more message boxes that had OK and CANCEL options instead have YES and NO options
- Change: When deleting trackers, display the real number of trackers being deleted, not including PEX, DHT, or LPD
- Change: Changed confirmation text when deleting trackers and torrents
- Change: Change text of autoupdate confirmation dialog to clarify what the checkbox on it does; do not show the checkbox when updating manually
- Change: Display infinity symbol if the current font supports it in appropriate places
- Change: When bt.graceful_shutdown is enabled the autoupdate process will now wait indefinately for the original process to shut down
- Change: ETA times are now maxed out at 4 years
- Fix: Bug where searchbox border was drawn below toolbar when toolbar is hidden and then reshown
- Fix: Bug where part of the rebar (XP+) was drawn below toolbar when toolbar is hidden and then reshown
- Fix: Z/Tab order bug with searchbox in main window

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