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uTorrent 1.1.3

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uTorrent 1.1.3  Cambio de registro

2005-10-02: Version 1.1.3 (build 179)

  • Fix: Reserve 25% of connections for incoming peers.
  • Fix: Send numwant=0 on Stopped.
  • Feature: Ability to change user interface language.
  • Feature: Added French & Swedish translations.
  • Feature: Don't send anonymous usage statistics.
  • Fix: Remove key field, it confused some trackers.
  • Fix: Randomize peer id when µTorrent starts.
  • Fix: Tweaks to internal bittorrent parameters.
  • Feature: Disconnect inactive peers after 5 minutes.
  • Fix: Open on the Files view would sometimes open the wrong file.
  • Feature: Allow scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll the views.
  • Fix: The torrent id shown on the generals page had 32 characters instead of 40.
  • Feature: Added inactive column to peer view to show the inactivity.
  • Change: Include some more columns by default in peer view.
  • Fix: Peer handshake was waiting for peer id, but not all clients sent that immediately.
  • Feature: Show error message in status bar if listen() fails.
  • Fix: Focus wasn't moved to the edit box that contained an invalid value in settings dialog.
  • Fix: Send a stopped command to trackers when closing µTorrent.
  • Fix: Some invalid torrents would show a message about memory allocation failed, instead of "can't load torrent".
  • Fix: Don't bandwidth limit http communication.
  • Fix: Ratio column showed "inf" way too often.
  • Fix: Nicer about dialog.
  • Feature: Play THX sound in about dialog.
  • Fix: Make sure file priority works even if file list is sorted in a different order.
  • Fix: Make sure STOPPED is sent when a torrent is deleted.
  • Fix: New icons (thanks ipunk)
  • Fix: Identify Shareaza clients
  • Feature: Support loading of torrent status icons / toolbar icons from an external file (tstatus.bmp or toolbar.bmp in storage folder)
  • Fix: Crash bug with multiple trackers.
  • Fix: Autostart option wasn't saved to config file.

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