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uTorrent 1.2

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uTorrent 1.2  Cambio de registro

2005-11-09: Version 1.2 (build 328)

  • Feature: Remember last tracker url in create tracker window
  • Fix: Move completed job was buggy
  • Fix: Create multifile torrent was buggy

2005-11-09: Version 1.2 (build 326)

  • Feature: Mainline compatible DHT
  • Feature: Show tracker url in list.
  • Feature: Configurable flags (flags.conf / flags.bmp)
  • Feature: Resolve countries using ip->country online database.
  • Feature: Autodetect write queue size.
  • Feature: Ability to relocate torrents.
  • Feature: Show amount of waste bytes.
  • Feature: Ability to specify directory where to save with the /directory command line option.
  • Feature: Parse the 'nodes' attribute in a torrent.
  • Feature: Added remaining column
  • Feature: Added Ctrl-C/Ctrl-A in logger window
  • Fix: Tracker ip not working.
  • Fix: Search box size was limited.
  • Fix: Done column wasn't sortable.
  • Change: Use less memory for torrents with lots of files.
  • Fix: Support moving complete torrents across file systems.
  • Fix: Use a little bit less memory in the network code.
  • Fix: Use closesocket instead of close when closing ipblocked sockets.
  • Fix: >4GB torrents were created incorrectly.
  • Fix: Better recovery if resume.dat is missing/damaged.
  • Change: Changed default value of flush_files to true.
  • Change: New flags.
  • Fix: Ignore directories in the autoload dir.
  • Change: Show a message if the user is adding a duplicate torrent.
  • Fix: Don't rotate trackers in main list
  • Change: *.cpl is an unsafe file
  • Fix: fixed a status bar flicker issue when going into a menu
  • Fix: Prevent listen error if you start up µTorrent immediately after closing it.

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