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Facebook chat.

  • A change on the Facebook side meant that international users suddenly started seeing junk characters in their chat messages instead of properly encoded characters. This has been fixed in 5.4!


  • With now supporting the popular IMAP protocol, Trillian’s ability to monitor these email accounts has improved leaps and bounds. See your full mail preview, mark messages as spam, delete messages, etc. In addition, we’ve fixed bugs specific to Yahoo mail, improved our bandwidth consumption when dealing with large messages, and tweaked a few other mail-specific bugs as well.

In-house servers.

  • As more and more of our customers adopt our Trillian Server in-house business solution, we’re also making sure all of our client software can properly connect to an in-house server. Trillian 5.4 accomplishes this for the Windows side, making it possible to connect to servers with self-signed TLS certificates and more.

Message windows.

  • A few long-standing bugs have been addressed in 5.4, including a few very rare corner cases with message window flashing, improvements to group chat windows, fixes to spellcheck, and a few other great tweaks that long-time users will appreciate – including the removal of the tooltip in the edit area that annoyed so many of you!


  • Last but not least, our Twitter engine gets a few nice enhancements in 5.4: see user displaynames and usernames in your stream, fixes for direct messaging, fixes for RTs being cut off, and more.

Detailed change log


  • [Alerts] Differentiate domain and non domain alerts
  • [Astra] Fix group chat duplication issue during bad clock drift
  • [Astra] Print proper hostnames on SSL errors instead of always using ''
  • [Contact List] Better error message and removal of right click option for deleting domain contacts
  • [Contact List] Docking will now dock easier rather than requiring the mouse to go fully to the edge
  • [Contact List] Holding shift will not dock the contact list when dragging
  • [Contact List] Links that start with https do not get the proper menu in social feed
  • [Contact List] Server side groups should appear above the contacts if they are on the same level
  • [Crash] Crash when organizing frequency/favorites list
  • [Crash] Fade out windows may crash in certain situations
  • [Debug] Updated format of diagnostic logging in some plugins
  • [Facebook] Some characters are shown incorrectly
  • [Group Chat] Overflow does not have an icon for group chats on Trillian
  • [Group Chat] Update to newer group chat SDK for Trillian
  • [History] Summary may skip over some previous history
  • [IRC] ISON and NOTICE messages appear when connecting to servers that do not support them
  • [Jumplist] Icon next to exit and rename it to sign off and exit
  • [Jumplist] Jumplist does not fill up until you open a chat window
  • [LinkedIn] Update the OAuth window to fit content better
  • [Login] Ability to bypass self-signed certificates on login for domain users
  • [Login] Error during sign in as guest, may not provide guest as an option in the future
  • [Login] Stuck at initializing directories with certain invalid usernames
  • [Login] Updated settings screen with easier to understand DNS override
  • [Mail] Deleting mail on Yahoo does not work
  • [Mail] IMAP for Hotmail backend
  • [Mail] Limit the amount of data downloaded per mail message
  • [Mail] Marking as spam does not work properly at times
  • [Mail] Notifications are shown for unread deleted emails
  • [Mail] Refreshing the inbox on Yahoo does not work
  • [Menus] Removed some extra menu icons
  • [Message Windows] Better handling of https links for image previews
  • [Message Windows] Caching of file sizes and thumbnails
  • [Message Windows] Can't right click and save some images
  • [Message Windows] Cursor movement can get sluggish and leave ghosting sometimes
  • [Message Windows] Do not fall back to if you are running in house
  • [Message Windows] Flashing windows may not flash when minimized through the taskbar
  • [Message Windows] Greyscale taskbar previews for offline contacts
  • [Message Windows] Group chats do not update taskbar preview properly
  • [Message Windows] If a group chat is open, sometimes single chat windows become the group chat avatar
  • [Message Windows] If a window is not file transfer capable but the medium is, we may still allow drag and drop in certain cases
  • [Message Windows] Images sometimes draw on top of each other
  • [Message Windows] Overflow button for tabs may get stuck at yellow or not show yellow when it should
  • [Message Windows] Update tooltip code to show more data when applicable for media and images
  • [Message Windows] Remove instant lookup for URLS
  • [Message Windows] Spell check may duplicate words on autocorrect menu fix
  • [Message Windows] Spell check word replacement does not work with selected text
  • [Message Windows] Tooltip no longer displays in edit area
  • [Message Windows] Troubleshoot may appear on first time with some windows
  • [Notifications] Notifications not appearing when some apps are loaded on windows 8
  • [Policy] Update to the new policy format
  • [Preferences] Disable email change for domain users
  • [Preferences] Fix up avatar chooser bug on Windows XP
  • [Preferences] Fully remove knowledgebar
  • [Preferences] Manage account should be disabled for in-house customers
  • [Preferences] Immediately save group by setting for contact list
  • [Preferences] Remove deprecated stretch image flag
  • [Preferences] Remove promote trillian window for domain users
  • [Preferences] Removed SchuelerVZ from account dropdown
  • [Preferences] Windows avatar is not received on windows 7 and 8
  • [SDK] Update group chat members request API name syntax
  • [Skins] Message item for file
  • [Skins] Zorder allowed in message items for colors
  • [Twitter] Better displayname / real name in UI
  • [Twitter] Fixed an issue when settings may not appear
  • [Twitter] Fixed authentication error in wizard and in account area
  • [Twitter] Fixed Direct Message sending
  • [Twitter] Fixed issues with Twitter API not working
  • [Twitter] Fixed RTs being cut off
  • [Twitter] Open in browser menu item goes directly to the tweet
  • [Twitter] Option to hide picture previews
  • [Twitter] Twitter lists have dashes when they do not in reality
  • [Wizard] Don't show save history wizard for domain users


  • [Contact List] Change 'Trillian' group to match domain name
  • [Contact List] Multiple select -> start group chat option
  • [Contact list] Service side groups for domain users
  • [Favorites] Show a favorites group if you have group by service on
  • [File Transfers] Adhere to per network file transfer preferences for domain users
  • [File Transfers] Server based file transfers for domain users
  • [Message Window] New media engine based on DNS for domain users
  • [Policy] Policy.ini to restrict functionality for domain users
  • [Policy] Support for updated policies (disclaimers, group chats, mail, images, preferences visibility)

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