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Trillian 0.52

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Trillian 0.52  Cambio de registro

  • Added logo preferences, which dont save to a file yet
  • Fixed echat close bug
  • Fixed component.dat saving in wrong directory
  • Fixed drawar separator bug when moving over drawar tab
  • fixed dcc remove all inactive bug with active dccs
  • added license and readme.txt viewing from within prefs
  • Fixed toolbar bomb when drawar is moved
  • Added loading trillian progress bar
  • remembers dcc manager visibility
  • updated connection manager to support groups, and addition/removal of both groups and servers. trillian's servers.ini is more or less directly compatible with mIRC's, except for the "Random" stuff that i didn't bother adding.
  • added userhost caching to prevent unnecessary /userhost and /whois lookups.
  • added "I'm not using the encrypted version of trillian" message when necessary.
  • check newly added masks against ? entires to see if they can be updated
  • threaded the DNS calls to stop trillian from freezing. this was a very long,involved procedure, as i ended up re-writing the entire server connection routines again to work nicely with threads.
  • added variable -- LAST_SERVER_CON for automatic connect.
  • added friendslist dialog
  • added all GUI front end for enemy list.
  • added 'help' button for friend modes.
  • added /LIST window.
  • /server now properly adds to servernames list, and exiting trillian dumps vars to INI files.
  • fixed up and re-furbished /LIST window a bit.
  • fixed a few array bounds writes that the memory profiler noticed. can't believe these things had been lurking around the whole time and trillian never crashed? chalk off at least one strange, random crash!
  • fixed mode parsing; for some reason, i wasn't saving the modes i read in from the numeric.
  • added channel manager with standard line of features: + topic changes + mode changes + ban removal
  • added a /finger window.
  • added join and query to toolbar
  • remembered dcc nicks on dcc send dialog
  • added right click options to channels
  • added "finger" to toolbar
  • fixed toolbar 'stick' when you click, leave toolbar, unclick, return
  • added "List Channels" to toolbar
  • kicks are now sent to the right place
  • added some more license docs and a blurb in prefs
  • Custom install program created for trillian.
  • Saved window positions and size for main window
  • Saved window positions and size for main window
  • saved states for buddy list (position, visibility)
  • Always on top value is saved
  • Fixed flicker when buddy list prefs where shown
  • Added install questionaire
  • buddy list now allows for buddies to change from maybe to definite
  • trillian remembers default dirs for skins and config directories. shortcuts allowed now.
  • random crash on right click in dcc manager fixed
  • remove all inactive in dcc manager fixed
  • banned message printed correctly
  • /topic works and topic is stated on joined
  • Fixed long topic bug
  • many, many assorted bugfixes.

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