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Trillian 0.73

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Trillian 0.73  Cambio de registro

  • ICQ: fixed bug with ICQ and proxy connections.
  • ICQ: fixed bug with buddy removing.
  • MSN: secure hotmail login.
  • MSN: fixed only-one-filetransfer-works bug
  • YAHOO: new login sequence, should eliminate most of the disconnects
  • IRC: fixed some identd server brokenness.
  • PROXY: fixed socks5 with authentication.
  • Fixed: install wizard uncheck of send stats does not stick
  • Fixed: should gray out the play button if skin based sound is selected in events
  • Fixed: Expanded state is sometimes not saved in contact list
  • Fixed: If no events are found, then replace with defaults
  • Fixed: Bug with resizeable button mouseover state
  • Fixed: Uninstall fixes
  • Fixed: history button sometimes doenst work with some editors
  • Fixed: buddy icon is limited to 48x48 sometimes
  • Fixed: buddy icon links which have capitals in them are not processed right
  • Fixed: if a switcher does not have a bitmap associated or color associated, draw a background
  • Fixed: Bug with right side icons spacing in list
  • Fixed: Bug with installer and winxp sp1
  • Fixed: Added better url error checking

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