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RoboForm 7.7.6

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RoboForm 7.7.6  Cambio de registro

  • RoboForm Start Page: put Most Popular Logins and Bookmarks on your browser Home Page.
  • RoboForm Start Page: RF installer puts it into all RF browsers, if you check Start Page in it.
  • RoboForm Start Page: add Start Page options tab, to control counts and layout of the start page.
  • Chrome: Popup Toolbar: do not attach toolbar at the bottom, instead hang it from the RF button.
  • Chrome Popup Toolbar can be Horizontal or Vertical, switched by the icon on the right.
  • Fix After saving a bookmark it does not become most popular the first time.
  • Fix Roboform does not save site icons that have MIME type application/octet-stream.
  • Chrome ver 16 and up: some APIs have changed, switch to new APIs.
  • Chrome: fix RF works only in one browser profile and does not work in the others.
  • Fix RoboForm toolbar does not appear in Sleipnir.
  • Sync: fix syncing of passcards with Japanese names that have 4-byte hieroglyphs.
  • IE: fix after installation RF toolbar is not moved to separate line when it should.
  • Win32: fix saving passwords in Acrobat Reader, when low integrity process is used.
  • Win32: fix RF can crash National Instruments Ultiboard 12 because of MSAA.
  • Print List: fix old-style printlist failed to save file as html.
  • Import from Opera: fix crash when decoding Opera password manager data.
  • Language List in Options: show native names, not English.

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