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RoboForm 7.6.4

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RoboForm 7.6.4  Cambio de registro

  • Installer: fix sometimes IE9 leaves processes after all IE window have been closed.
  • Firefox, Chrome: speed up page analysis and form filling.
  • Firefox, Chrome: improve form filling quality.
  • Firefox, Chrome: Fix does not fill on
  • Firefox, Chrome: Fix value change is detected incorrectly for textarea.
  • Firefox, Chrome: add form filler localization.
  • Firefox: fix Identity MiniDialog does not appear on mouse-over after ID number change.
  • Firefox: fix matching passcards button is not updated when a tab is moved to another window.
  • Firefox: fix toolbar search box value is shared among all tabs.
  • Installer: show specific warning for Firefox 3, why RF does not integrate.
  • Add suppress checkbox to 'RoboForm cannot find Submit button' message.
  • Installer, Chrome: fix not seeing Google Chrome Browser.
  • Editor: add 'Convert to Bookmark' command to More menu of Passcard View.
  • SaveForms: offer to save Bookmark by command RF Menu -> Bookmarks -> New.
  • Fix GoTo command from Login's context menu always uses the same window.
  • Fix Sync setup for change of the RF Everywhere account.
  • Fix menu can be drawn incorrectly if it is quickly shown and hidden few times.
  • Fingerprints: fix RF does not unregister from FP notification.
  • Editor: Fix artefacts appearing in navigator after dropping into a collapsed folder.
  • Editor: set wordwrap mode for multiline edit boxes.
  • Import: fix Contact country is detected incorrectly in some cases.

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